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5 Things You Should Know About Matcha

20 March, 2021 Roshni Asati

Tea is everyone's favorite all over the world. It is considered to be one of the best drinks that provide us with instant freshness.

In this blog, we are talking about Matcha, specially grown and processed green tea leaves. Let's find about the beauty of this tea and try to answer about 'What & how' including the five things you need to know about matcha.

Where it was originated from?

Matcha is closely associated with Japan. It is a type of tea that has various types and is most popular in Japan and China as well. It’s a Japanese word where ‘Ma’ means ground and ‘cha’ means tea. It basically comes in powder form made with green tea leaves.

Rich in antioxidants?

It contains a high amount of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that made it good for skin and hair. It might help to protect our liver from various diseases and even strong enough to prevent us from cancer. These vitamins can also play an important role in boosting the functionality of our brain and help to lose weight as a high concentration of antioxidants helps to speed up the rate of metabolism and with all these qualities it is super easy to prepare. Natural antioxidants which are contained in Matcha can help in reducing the number of free radicals that might damage cells and can lead to cause chronic diseases. These nutrients in matcha may lessen the growth of cancer cells. It helps in increasing energy levels.

How does it help in anti-aging?

High antioxidants count results in helping to slow down the aging process. It prevents oxidation and hinders the mutation of DNA and hence helps in restoring damaged tissues. Matcha is packed with antioxidants like catechin, which basically helps in strengthen various body cells and thus prevent body aging. Our skin is the largest organ and the most contact with the outer atmosphere. Due to this, it is most important to provide it with some extra care. This extra care can be achieved by in-taking matcha so that it can help your skin to look younger. It even helps in improving immunity levels.

How it regulates blood sugar or protects the liver?

High blood sugar is really common these days due to food cycles and the variety of food we are eating. Matcha might help in maintaining blood sugar levels due to the presence of antioxidants called polyphenol. This tea associated with reduced fasting glucose levels as well as induces fasting levels of Insulin. Some studies show that the liver helps in flushing out the harmful toxins from the body and in processing vital nutrients. Matcha is helping in the proper functioning of the liver. This tea has the power to significantly reduced liver enzyme levels. It helps in lowering calories in the body and hence helps in reducing weight. And this reduction in weight will prevent the accumulation of fats near or in our liver.

What are its most common uses?

We have several ways of preparing matcha for you to choose freely.

  • As Hot tea - historically, matcha is served as a hot tea nutrient. Merely combine the matcha powder into hot water and whisk along till sleek.
  • As Smoothies - Matcha powder will simply be else to your favorite smoothie formula. You can match matcha with banana, almond milk, and honey.
  • As Ice cream - you'll be able to build your own matcha frozen dessert by mix in 2 teaspoons of matcha powder for every cup of vanilla frozen dessert or frozen yogurt.
  • As Baking Products - to create matcha-infused food, merely add some teaspoons of matcha powder to the dough or batter before baking.
  • As Lattes - Matcha lattes became additional common in recent years. To create a matcha espresso, mix matcha powder with hot water and add steamed milk.

Matcha has a strong caffeine level. Matcha might lower the risk of heart disease. It decreases the risk of liver-damaging diseases. Matcha might help in improving memory, reaction time, concentration, and attention. L-theanine might improve several aspects of brain functioning. It helps in relaxing and offers a potential mood booster. Comparing it with other forms of green teas it might have a significant level of antioxidant chlorophyll.

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