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8 Amazing Health Benefits of Cherries

20 March, 2021 Roshni Asati

Cherries are fruits with a central stony hard seed surrounded by fleshy edible pulp. They come in small sizes of approximately 2 centimeters in diameter. It can be eaten for breakfast as well as after dinner. They are coming in bright shiny red or dark purple color with a thin peel. Cherry is sweet and tasty.

But do you know the health benefits of cherries on our health?

Let's discuss some of the unnoticeable and proven health benefits of this tiny juicy fruit.

1) Full of Antioxidants: Cherries are the host of nutrients like antioxidants and multivitamins. It is also proven that a diet full of antioxidants might reduce the risk of certain deadly diseases like cancer. They work extremely against free radicals. The formation of free radicals takes place when someone is exposed to tobacco or smoke. Cherries have antioxidants such as anthocyanin, flavonols, and cyanidin.

2) Improves digestion: Continues Indigestion causes you weakness. A proper intake of a balanced diet plays a great role in improving digestion. Being a great source of fiber, cherries improve our digestion. Cherries are a pack with vitamin C and in this way; it also helps in upgrading the immunity of our body against diseases. Taking cherries during periods in women can also help ease pain and boost health.

3) Protection against hair loss: Cherries are rich in vitamin E that helps the insufficient amount of circulation of blood to the scalp and prevents damaging of hair. It helps in providing moisturization to the scalp. Vitamin C in cherries helps strengthen hair follicles, prevent split ends, and work against breaking hair from the roots. It provides overall benefits to our hair.

4) Promotes better sleep: Melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone contained in cherries. To have a glass of cherry juice before going to sleep can reduce the seriousness of insomnia and accelerates sleep efficiency. Good sleep can make you get rid of headaches. Cherries contain beta-carotene that helps in improving eyesight.

5) Lowers gout and arthritis attacks: Gout is bigger from arthritis. Arthritis is severe attacks of swelling, pain, tenderness in one or more joints. The study found that 10 cherries a day protect people from joint pain and recurrent attacks. Cherry intake is associated with a 50 percent lower risk of gout flares over a 48-50 hour period. Several other studies also say that cherries help in reducing osteoarthritis (OA).

6) Improves heart rate: Blood pressure and health diseases are really common these days. Sweet, sour, dried all have their own benefits to the health. Cherries help in protecting blood vessels and hence regulated and maintain blood pressure. It helps in decreasing blood pressure. Cherries are packed with polyphenol and potassium, which are good in protecting our heart from diseases as it is regulation high sodium levels. Cherries are also helping in the internal blockage of blood.

7) Good for the Liver and kidneys: It is found that cherries do have some anti-inflammatory properties that help in preventing fatty liver diseases. Cherries are massively nutritious and can be considered as the powerhouse of health benefits. Cherries are good in the reduction of weight. It is low in calories and high in vitamins and also helps in boosting up your metabolism. Cherries are great in the removal of toxins from the body.

8) Anti-Ageing properties: As the antioxidant level is high, cherries might have some anti-aging properties. Cherries have a balance of nutrients like calories, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, copper, etc. Consuming cherries in its different forms like juice and powder, especially the tart one may help in improving athletic performances. It has been found that tart cherry juice found to accelerate muscle recovery.

Conclusion with the key highlights:

1) It is found that cherries are rich in almost everything that requires a person to be healthy.

2) It is concluded that cherries are one of the energy-boosting fruit.

3) Cherries come in various tastes like sweet and sour.

4) It has numerous benefits on health and in this way has the highest medical values.

5) If someone has allergies, so I recommend always having a consultation with your doctor. After all, everything beyond the limits is not good.


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