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Uterine Cancer: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

01 March, 2021 Ananya Das

The cancer that develops in the uterus of a female body is known as uterine cancer. This is also known by the name of endometrial cancer. Uterus is the major reproductive organ of a female body which is located at the lower abdomen and is a hollow and pear shaped pelvic organ. This is the organ where the baby develops after a woman conceives.

If any kind of mutation takes place in the genes of cells forming the walls of uterus then they keep growing uncontrollably and develop into a cancer. There are even many other types of cancer that may develop in the uterus of a female body apart from uterus sarcoma but those are very less encountered in practical cases.

Symptoms of Uterine Cancer:

Usually the uterine cancer is identified at early stages due to abnormal bleeding during menstrual cycles. Here are few of the most common symptoms associated with the development of uterine cancer.

  • Abnormal bleeding after menopause
  • Bleeding between the menstrual cycles
  • Pain in the pelvic area

Risk factors for Uterine Cancer:

Following are the factors that may give rise to the chances of the development of uterine cancer:

  • Hormone imbalance: In a female body two sex hormones are released by the two ovaries she possess. These hormones are estrogen and progesterone. Usually associated condition of hormone imbalance with uterine cancer is excess release of estrogen than progesterone or intake of estrogen rich pills also increases the risk of uterine cancer.
  • Ovary tumor: In this case the amount of estrogen release increases which enhances the chances of uterine cancer.
  • Old age: Since after a certain age menopause occurs, so as the age increases the chances of menopause increases which in turn increases the chances of uterine cancer.
  • Obesity: Obesity increases the fat content of the body which results in altering the hormone balance of the body. Due to this hormone imbalance caused in the body the risk of cancer development in uterus increases.
  • Not conceived ever: Once a female gets pregnant the hormone balance establishes in her body and this solves a lot of her body issues. But if you have never been pregnant then there are high chances of you suffering from uterine cancer than those who have conceived and given birth at least once.
  • Hormone therapy: Usually hormone therapy that is done during breast cancer involves intake of medicine tamoxifen. This drug is found to be associated with high risk of developing a uterine cancer.

Treatment for Uterine Cancer:

Usually there are high chances of identifying a uterine cancer at early stage of development. Once discovered any one of the following ways of treatment can be employed to cure your condition based on the stage and situation of your cancer along with your age and health condition.

1. Chemotherapy: In this drugs are provided to the patients to be taken orally or injected in veins to stop the growth of the cancer cells by either destroying them or by checking their division. This can be employed alone or in association with radiation therapy and surgery.

2. Hormone therapy: In this method the hormones are removed from the body which causes the growth of the cancer cells. For this usually surgery is done or radiation therapy is used to block the cell receptors of the cancer cells to avoid the impact of the cancer spreading hormones.

3. Targeted therapy: In this process special drugs are given to the patient so that they can directly identify and kill the cancer cells. Some of the commonly given targeted drugs are mTOR inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies, etc.

4. Surgery: This is the most common way that is used to treat the endometrial cancer; here the uterus is usually removed completely from the body to avoid the growth of the cancer as well as to prevent its invasion to other parts.

5. Radiation therapy: In this high energy beams of radiation are directed to the cancer cells to prevent them from growing. There are two ways in which radiation therapy is given to the patient, internal and external. The way employed for this purpose depends on the stage and type of the cancer being treated.

All the drugs required to be taken during uterine cancer treatment are available online and can be bought easily from online pharmacies.

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There are various cases of females suffering from the issues associated with their menstrual cycle and hormone balance which eventually leads to the development of uterine cancer. So it is always advised to undergo self evaluation and check if there are any of the risk factors you are too highly prone to. Once detected try to consult your doctor as soon as possible and get yourself treated soon.


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