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Breast Cancer Treatment: Therapies and Medications

27 February, 2021 Ananya Das

Breast cancer is a kind of cancer that starts from the breast cells and if not treated at an early stage, it may become invasive and spread to other parts of the body. This cancer usually develops in the lobules or ducts of the breast. Apart from these parts, cancer may also develop from the fatty tissue or fibrous connective tissues that are present within the breasts. If the cells of any of the above mentioned parts of the breast starts to divide uncontrollably then it results into breast cancer.

A number of therapies and medications have been developed over time via years of studies and technology for the prevention of the growth and development of breast cancers in women.

Preventive Therapies for Breast Cancer:

Some of the therapies that are effective in treatment of breast cancer are described as follows:

1. Radiation therapy: In radiation therapy, beams of high powered radiations are used to target the mutated cells that have resulted in cancer and kill them. In this process the patient is exposed in front of a large machine which then ejects the radiation in the affected area to conduct the therapy.

2. Brachytherapy: With time and technology, radiation therapy has seen advancement and now methods have been developed by which radiation therapy can be used to irradiate the cancer from inside the body. This kind of radiation treatment is known as brachytherapy, where radioactive seeds are placed near the tumor cells inside the body via surgery. Then these seeds work themselves for a short period of time and destroy cancer cells.

3. Chemo therapy: In this method of therapy, drugs are used to kill the cancer cells that have developed in the body. This treatment is generally used along with surgery or any other therapy but sometimes is also used separately for the purpose. Many times chemotherapy is done beforehand surgery so that the tumor can be shrunk in size followed by easy surgery to remove the tumor.

4. Hormone therapy: If on diagnosis it is found that the type of your breast cancer is hormone sensitive then the doctor may proceed with hormone therapy. In case of hormone sensitive breast cancer, female hormones that are estrogen and progesterone are found to support the development of breast cancer. So with hormone therapy the working of these hormones and their production is blocked by blocking the hormone receptors of the cancer cells. This eventually helps to slow down or even stop the growth of the cancer cells.

Medicines for Preventing Breast Cancer:

Following are some of the prescribed medicines that can help to very large extent to prevent the risk of growth and development of breast cancer in women.

1. Tamoxifen: This is a medicine that belongs to the class of SERM which is recommended for a dosage of 20mg per day for next five years. This drug is found to be effective in lowering the risk of development of breast cancer by almost 50%.

2. Raloxifene: This drug also belongs to the class of SERM and has a recommended dosage of approx 60mg per day for five years. It is believed to lower the risk of development of breast cancer by almost 40%. Alongside this drug is also known to protect the bones in postmenopausal women.

3. Exemestane: This drug (Aromasin 25mg Tablet) belongs to the class of Aromatase inhibitor medicines with recommended dosage of 25mg per day for the coming 5 years of start. It is considered to be very effective as it is known to lower the chance of development of breast cancer in women by almost 65%. But there are some potential side effects associated with the intake of this drug which includes weakening of the bones and a few menopause symptoms like hot flashes and dryness in vagina.

All these medication are best advised to be taken after consultation and prescription of your doctor. A few side effects are associated with each of the drugs that is employed in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. So it’s always better to consult your doctor if you face any of them and get proper treatment. These medicines and drugs are readily available online and can buy easily from online pharmacies at your own comfort with sound discounts.

Breast cancer is not easy to deal with since it’s associated with many side effects on female body. It’s always advised to take proper precautions to avoid the various risk factors that may develop breast cancer. But still if you are diagnosed with breast cancer then you must undergo the required therapy and medication to prevent its growth and get cured soon at early stage.


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