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Dealing with Anxiety during Covid-19

26 February, 2021 Pallavi Patel

People were infected with Covid - 19 for the first time in 2019 in Wuhan city of China. By 2020 most of the cities of the entire world had to go through long period of lockdown to avoid the spreading nature of Corona. This lockdown came with lots of problems which affected the mental health of a lot of people. In this blog we have mentioned all the methods to cure and heal the anxiety and other problems related to mental health.

Pandemic itself was stressful enough which affected the minds of people and the situation of lockdown on the top of it led to worsening everyone’s state of mind. It resulted in the growth of unwanted mental problems among people. People who never experienced any of such problems had to go through all these. It could be due to loneliness or because of over panicking and rest due to variant reasons. On the other hand condition of people who were already suffering from mental health problems, turned more serious. Main reason for this situation was that initially there was no cure found.

The world witnessed quite a good number of deaths for which no one was ready. In fact it was an unexpected phenomenon which turned into a pandemic in a very short span of time. In the starting phase all the countries were not able to handle the situation which was flashed in every news channels which created more tension in the minds of people.

Some of them cured their tension, anxiety and depression but some are still in that same phase of mental stage. Here are all the ways to cure any mental stress or anxiety.

Effective Ways to cure Anxiety

1. Meditate
Meditation has been practiced for years to heal stress, anxiety, depression or any other problem associated with mental health. Meditation is a process which helps to pay attention; it can calm down the mind because of which one will start seeing the world in a different way. This encourages the mind to observe everything in a positive way and reduces the nature of judging others. Meditation curves down the worrying and panicking nature too. It helps to develop the mind in a way that balances thought process and also develops the calmness and focus.

2. Stay Protected
Maintaining all the Covid protocols can be a good option to avoid stress so that one can have a mindset that if they are already maintaining the precautions, there is no need to stress about Covid. Putting on mask each single time before stepping out, maintaining social distance, washing hands frequently, using sanitizer after touching any surface at public places and avoiding public gatherings are the precautions one can take to be sure that they do not need to worry or panic about being Covid positive.

3. Think Positive:
It is really necessary to think positively in this situation. Letting negative thought or any kind of negativity in mind is not a good sign. This might result in panicking and stressing about the current situation. Positive mentality can be achieved by one’s own thought process. If anyone makes up his/her mind not to take anything in a negative way, he/she is creating a good balance of positivity in his/her mind eventually which resists the thought that triggers anxiety.

4. Avoid Smoking and Drinking
Smoking and drinking alcohol regularly usually worsen the mental state of a human being. If a person is stressing over anything and consuming alcohol because of it, it will not help, rather it will ruin his mental health. It triggers anxiety and depression. Consuming alcohol regularly degrades mental as well as physical health.

5. Seek help if Needed
Never think twice before visiting a psychiatrist or a therapist if needed. Specialists and professionals help to soothe and calm minds of people. If someone thinks that they stay overly stressed the entire day and is not able to help himself, he surely can visit a specialist to seek help.

6. Medication
Go ahead and consume prescribed medicines which can relieve anxiety as per the need. Medicines for healing mind related issues can be easily available at online websites. Consultation with the professionals is still suggested on the first place.

Mental issues are in one’s own hand, and one can maintain it oneself. If (mental issue) is getting affected, one can balance it by following the points mentioned above and can have a healthy mind filled with positive thought process.


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