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Testicular Cancer: Signs, Causes and Treatment

26 February, 2021 Ananya Das

A male human body possesses two loose bags of skin underneath the penis, which produces male sex hormones and sperms for the purpose of reproduction. These bags are called testes or testicles and are present inside the scrotum.

If cancer develops in the cells of testicles, it is called testicular cancer. This is usually a very rare kind of cancer with very few patients around the globe. This is a highly treatable kind of cancer even if it has already become invasive.

Signs of Testicular Cancer:

There are several signs and symptoms of testicular cancer by which you may understand that you are suffering from this or not.

  • Tenderness or enlargement of the breasts: If you are a victim of testicular cancer then your body will produce and release some hormones which leads to the breast tenderness or growth depending upon the kind of hormone released. But this is a very rare kind of condition encountered yet.
  • Swelling: The major issue that you may face even without any pain is the growth of a lump on either side of your testicle. The size of the lump may vary from the size of a pea to a marble depending up on its growth and stage of the cancer. But if the case is too serious then the size of the tumor in your testes may increase beyond the marble size.
  • Pain: Pain in your lower abdomen and groin along with legs and lower back is very common in case of testicular cancer. Even chest pain and blood in the sputum and phlegm may be encountered in severe cases.
  • Swelling less signs: If some kind of discomfort or numbness is encountered in your scrotum without any swelling then you may put yourself in doubt of having a testicular cancer. Apart from this you may also find a change in the way you used to feel your testicles. They may appear heavier than usually and you may also feel the sudden and random development of fluid in your scrotum.
  • Blood clots: Clotting of blood may be encountered which can lead to breathing problems like shortness of breath. This is considered to be the first symptom that is found to develop in the males of young and middle ages.

Even swelling in legs either in single leg or both may be encountered along with these symptoms if you are suffering from testicular cancer.

Causes and Risk Factors for Testicular Cancer:

The actual cause of testicular cancer is yet not known but it’s believed that the cancer grows from the germ cells, the cells present in the testicles which produce immature sperms. But the proof of all these is yet not established.

Studies have shown that changes in the gene or the chromosomes result in this that is the working of oncogenes is enhanced and that of tumor suppressor genes is turned off. So it eventually leads to the uncontrollable division of cells in testes and hence results in cancer. Yet there are various risk factors that may lead to the development of testicular cancer. Some of these are as follows:

  • Family history: If any of your family members or ancestors already was a victim of this cancer then you are at risk.
  • Previous history: If you already have suffered testicular cancer in one testes than you are at high risk of it development in other one.
  • Birth issues: It may be the case that during pregnancy your mother was not getting proper nourishment and had abnormal release of hormone estrogen and bleeding.
  • Premature Birth: It found that if you are born premature than you are at high chance of holding an unprecedented testicles where the testes remains out of the scrotum. This condition in later stage develops testicular cancer.

Testicular Cancer Treatment:

Depending on various factors like the age of the patient, his health condition, the stage of his cancer and its type, the ways of treatment and medication to be employed varies. The various ways of treating a testicular cancer are as follows:

1. Palliative care: In this method, ways are employed to provide relief from the symptoms experienced during the cancer and is continued till the cancer is cured.

2. Surgery: In this method the tumor along with the nearby affected area’s cells are removed by surgery so that it don’t get more invasive.

3. Chemotherapy: In this method, drugs are prescribed to treat the developing cancer cell in the affected area. Here the medicines are given even before surgery to shrink the size of tumor so that surgery can be performed easily.

4. Radiation therapy: In this process, you are placed under a heavy machine from where a beam of high power radiation is targeted to the affected area of your body to destroy the cancer cells.

Various drugs that are advised to taken during treatment of testicular cancer are easily available on online pharmacies from where you can get it with handsome discounts.

Take away:
Testicular cancer belongs to a very rare kind of situation alongside a very difficult condition for male reproductive health. So if you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms in you then be sure to consult your doctor and get it cured soon to enjoy a very healthy and happy life.


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