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Colon Cancer: Types, Causes, Treatment and Medication

25 February, 2021 Rishika Chawla

Colon cancer is located in the lower end of digestive tract. The tumour in case of colon cancer arises from inner wall of large intestine. In USA this cancer is the third leading cause of cancer among people. It is usually treated by a medical professional and needs medical diagnosis.

However in India there are more than 1 million cases recorded every year. The cancer is also named colorectal cancer when it sometimes combines with rectal cancer along with colon cancer. Or the other reason for its name can be its reoccurring nature. Lab tests and imaging are necessary for its diagnosis. People above the age of 50 are always advised to attend regular screening as they are more prone to to be diagnosed with this due to increasing age.

Types of Colon Cancer:

Explore information on various types of Colon cancer.

  • Adenocarcinoma: This type of cancer lies inside the surface of the colon. It is believed that people who suffer from colon cancer mostly have adenocarcinoma.
  • Carcinoid tumors: The reasons for this type of cancer are not well known but are seen to be found in almost 10000 people every year. Carcinoid cancer grows slowly and can be seen in the small intestine or stomach.
  • Gastrointestinal stromal tumour: These types of tumours are rarely found in colon but commonly found in the gastro-intestine. They usually start developing in the blood vessels of the colon.
  • Lymphoma: Lymphoma starts in the white blood cells which make them multiply continuously. If your immune system is suppressed, you can have chances of getting this type of tumour.
  • Hereditary colon cancer: This type of cancer can be found through genes in the body or some history cancer case in the family. These are the second most common ones.

Causes of Colon Cancer:

This section features signs and causes of Colon cancer. One must consult a Doctor immediately if witnessing any of these below signs.

  • Old age: The basic factor leading to colon cancer is found to be one’s growing age. People tend to develop cancer after an age of 50. But now this type of cancer is found in people below 50 as well.
  • Family history: Gene risk is another factor which can lead to cancer. The chances of experiencing this type of cancer rises higher when you have someone more than one in your family prone to the same disease.
  • Diabetes: Resistance to insulin in the body or diabetic patients are also seen to be attracted more to this type of cancer.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: Smoking and alcohol consumption can increase the risk of suffering. One who does not do any type of physical activity is at more danger.
  • Radiation therapy: When someone has already taken a radiation therapy to treat a previous cancer disease, the risk of suffering increases.
  • High fat diet: Eating processed meat and red meat can be a cause for colon and rectal cancer. But one who takes low fibre and high fat diet in a regular note is going to suffer.

A person may experience various signs which can result into colon cancer such as blood in stool, change in bowel habits, constipation, narrow stools, or passing excessive amounts of gas, anaemia or fatigue, abdominal discomfort or weight loss and pain in abdomen. Various other symptoms can be seen in people according to their age.

Diagnosis & Treatment:

The diagnosis for the disease can be done through a blood test or through examining. The microscope used to examine is called colonoscope. Treatment however depends on the stage of colon cancer you are suffering from. It varies with early stages and advanced stages.

Removing polyps during a colonoscopy, Endoscopic mucosal resection, minimally invasive surgery are some of the treatments done for the cancer at an early stage.

Cancer treatment for advanced stages can be Partial colectomy, Surgery to create a way for waste to leave your body, or Lymph node removal. Chemotherapy, drug therapy, radiation therapies are also done for the patients of colon cancer.

Medications & Outlook:

While different drugs and different materials are prescribed for intake and surgeries, these medicines should only be subscribed by a doctor. Opdivo, Nivolumab, Oxaliplatin, Xeloda, Zirabev, Zaltrap, Mvasi, Cetuximab, Eloxatin, 5- FU and many more are some of the medications.

These medicines can be bought from online pharmacy which also provides huge discounts. However one should know that these medications differ with the type and stage of cancer you have. Also in many cases these are used alone or are combined for better results.


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