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Fried food: A big risk factor for heart disease

24 February, 2021 Arushi Bharara

This blog features the risk involved in consuming Fried food and how it leads to chances of developing heart diseases. As far as possible, Fried food should be avoided to reduce our future chances of numerous diseases and health conditions.

Food, is a source of perpetual energy for any being, be it human or an animal. But the way everyone eat is not common. Some people choose eat vegetarian food and some others choose to eat non-vegetarian food. There is a wide variety for both these types of food, ranging from different cuisine to different ways the food is prepared. They all are rich in various nutrients and are play a huge part on our lives as a constant source of energy.

Yet there is one type of food which is common across all cuisines, and that is fried food. But fried food is not considered good to eat always. Although it tastes heavenly but it is to be had only once in a while, because there is only so much our heart can take. These fried food items have a lot of negative health effects on our body in various ways. They are high in calories and trans-fat. Prior to frying the food, the raw material, be it fish or chicken or any vegetable for that matter is always coated in a batter or flour which aids in increasing the calorie content of the said food item. Furthermore, when we fry an edible item it loses its water content and tends to absorb a lot of oil, which again increases the calorie content significantly.

Fried food most importantly is full of trans-fats. These are the type of fats which are formed undergo a process called hydrogenation. In this particular process the chemical structure of the fats is changed, which makes it extremely difficult for your body to break them down which ultimately leads to negative health effects. The oils in which the food is fried are most likely vegetable oils or seed oils. Therefore, when these oils are heated to a very high temperature such as for frying, they form trans-fats which are absorbed by the food.

Connection between fried food and the Heart

One of the organs most affected by hogging on fried food is our heart. The trans-fats mentioned in the above paragraph raise the levels of LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) or commonly known as “Bad” cholesterol and significantly reduces the levels of HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) or again most commonly known as “Good” cholesterol. In easy terms, we can say, HDL takes LDL to your live where it is flushed out from your body. But if the LDL levels increase and the HDL levels decrease due to high intake of fried and fatty foods the balance will get disrupted and LDL may start to get deposited in your arteries leading in and out of the heart.

Fried food also results in obesity if no physical exercise is being done whatsoever, as we all know they contain calories in an extremely high amount as compared to their healthy non-fried counterparts. The trans-fats which contain in fried food, which we eat sometimes mindlessly in huge quantities, play an important role in weight gain too. Because they affect our hormones which regulate our appetite and fat storage as well. And it is a common observation that obesity/ weight gain is never good for the heart.

We often also consume fried food outside of our homes, generally in some dhabas, restaurants or some road side stalls. It is more dangerous to eat such food from these outside places. The problem persist with these eating joints is that they don’t change the oil after every fry. They use the same oil sometimes for days at end, and keep using it to fry the food items. This practice is extremely harmful as the greater number of times you heat the oil the more deadly it gets and more in quantity the trans-fats are released by the oil which are absorbed by the food items. This leads to an increase in LDL also in our body which we again know is not good for the heart.Heart is an extremely important organ of our body. It pumps blood throughout our body. And if any deposits in any of the 4 arteries disrupts the flow of the blood, the consequences can be extremely severe or deadly too, as it can lead to a massive heart attack. Thus, jeopardizing the life of the fried food eater.

Heart disease is one that we should avoid at all costs. And knowing that consumption of fried food has a direct connect with the heart is our warning. Eating something fried at rare time intervals and burning those calories off is extremely recommended. But hogging on such type of food is highly not recommended at all. Why to go through all the risks and all the stress of the after math of eating fried food in great quantities? Just eat in controlled amounts and still enjoy the other blisses of life. Eating less is not the end of the world absolutely. I should know. I am a big-time foodie.


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