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Ways to Stay Healthy with a Busy Schedule

18 February, 2021 Ritika Singh

"Did you also have a tough day with the busiest schedule?" It is found that in the race against time, people often neglect their health, which later shows adverse effects. And this busy schedule with time constraints can lead to stress and anxiety.

Work Vs Health

What would you choose? Obviously you can’t ignore your health and definitely work is important. Stuck in a dilemma! Actually both work and health play a vital role in human life. It’s good to be workaholic but this work overload can lead to a variety of physical and mental health problems. If you are not well you can’t work; being in poor health may often bring you to a high risk of job loss.

One solution to all the problems is maintaining a work-health relationship. Studies show that the quality and stability of work is a key factor in work-health relationship. Let’s have a look to some quick and effective tips to stay healthy so as to maintain a balanced lifestyle:

1. Drink plenty of water
Human body is composed of 60% of water and highly relies on water to function properly. It is important to stay hydrated as dehydration may cause weakness which will devoid your mental and physical energy that your work requires. Hydration reduces stress and helps to cope with the work in an effective manner.

2. Prefer cooked food
Due to shortage of time, people prefer fast food and snacks avoiding cooked food. Study shows that at least your lunch should be processed i.e. cooked. Prefer healthy and cooked food over fast foods that often drag people tired off from busy day.

  • Try to have at least home cooked for breakfast and dinner.
  • Prepare a list of easy and fast cook recipes.
  • Strictly avoid dry and junk food.
  • Go for lighter lunch.
  • Prefer food with lots of minerals and nutrients.

3. Proper sleep pattern
It is very essential to give your body rest after a heavy and tight schedule. Lack of sleep can lead to negative impacts on health giving rise to stress, hormonal imbalance and much more. Getting proper and enough amount of sleep can restore your body’s overall wellbeing.

  • Power down your gadgets an hour before sleep.
  • 6-8 hours of sleep at least.
  • Follow up a proper sleep pattern.
  • Avoid late night parties.

4. Exercise regularly
In spite of busy and tight routine make time for exercise on a daily basis. One can prefer yoga, gym or a 30 min home workout. Sitting at one place and working causes body fatigue and disrupts the body structure. Exercising improves blood circulation and keeps body fit.

  • Schedule a time for exercise.
  • Spend at least 30 min for your physical fitness.
  • Prefer waking up early for exercising.
  • Look for other ways too like preferring stairs over a lift, prefer walking for visiting nearby areas.

5. Check your mind
Leave your problems at workplace and return home stress free. Avoid bringing work to home which may result into anxiety and depression the whole day.

  • Give 5-10 min to yourself by doing self-talk.
  • Give time to family to divert your mind from work.
  • Prefer reading, watching positive and good stuffs.
  • Try to remain calm, chill and relaxed.

6. Avoid unwanted means
Unwanted means here is habitual drinking of alcohol, cigarettes etc. It is often heard from people’s side that these things relaxes the mind and drives away stress. It’s absolutely fine to have it but should be taken in limited portion which may otherwise adversely affect your health.

  • Have a check on the quantity so as to avoid negative impact.
  • Ditch alcohol and cigarettes if needed.
  • If addicted look for some alternatives to avoid it.

Who doesn't want a perfect, disease free life, everyone wishes to be happy and fit. One life, let's live it happily and stress free. Follow up the above quick tips for better results.


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