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What is Kidney cancer? Signs, symptoms and treatment

13 February, 2021 Ananya Das

Your body consists of two bean shaped organs on each side of the spine which are almost of the size of your fist. When cancer develops in these organs or in any one of them, it is known as kidney cancer. The most common type of kidney cancer that is found in adults is known as renal cell carcinoma whereas the type of kidney cancer that develops commonly in children is known as the Wilm’s tumor.

Kidney cancer is easily detected in its early stages due to other kidney problems or urine issues which require CT (computed tomography) scan, which detects the developed and growing cancer in the kidney that is yet not invasive.

Signs and symptoms:-

Usually symptoms are not visible easily at early stage if you are developing a cancer in your kidney. With time the signs and symptoms of this cancer increases. Here are listed down the 5 most common signs and symptoms of kidney cancer.

  • Sudden weight loss: If the tumors or the cancer becomes invasive and starts spreading to other organs of the body then weight loss is accompanied. This usually happens because of the lack of appetite.
  • Hematurai: This condition is known as the sign of blood in the urine. The urine will appear pink or even red in color. Sometimes the blood in urine is not detectable with naked eye as it’s so small in amount but can be identified by urinalysis.
  • Lump around abdomen: If you find any kind of thick, hard lump in the side or back of your abdomen then this might be a sign of kidney cancer. Usually these lumps are hard to feel and come up when the cancer develops in advanced stage.
  • Fever and Tiredness: If you are getting recurring fever and the cause is unknown then you must consult doctor because it may not be due to infections but because of kidney cancer. Alongside you will tend to feel more tired than usual and not only will urge to sleep frequently but also feel unwilling to do your daily activities.
  • Lower back pain: This is commonly found in people above age of 40 and mostly is associated with musculo-skeleton injury. But in most cases this is not faced until the cancer has reached advanced stages. The pain may vary from mild pain to sharp stab around your abdomen and kidney.

Risk factors:-

These are the following factors that may increase the chances of kidney cancer development.

  • Smoking
  • High B.P.
  • Obesity
  • Obesity
  • Family history
  • Inherited syndromes

Preventing kidney cancer:-

Following are the steps that must be taken to improve your health which eventually leads to the reduction of kidney cancer.

  • Stop smoking:There are many ways by which you can quit your smoking habit. Best is self control or chewing gums but still if you are unable then consult your doctor and discuss ways to do that.
  • Control high Blood pressure:Include exercises, healthy eating and activity in your daily schedule and take proper medication by discussing with your doctor to lower down your blood pressure.
  • Maintain healthy weight: Do as much activity as possible by you to maintain a healthy body and take diet measures to cut down the body fat easily and effectively

Treatments for kidney cancer:-

Usually the most preferred treatment for kidney cancer is surgery if the cancer is not invasive but if its invasive then other treatment options are employed. The treatment to be used depends on many factors like your health, type of kidney cancer and whether the cancer is invasive or not. Here are few of the treatment ways to treat kidney cancer:

1.Surgery: Two types of operations are conducted depending upon the requirement of your kidney and health.

  • Nephrectomy: In this method the entire kidney is removed along with a few healthy tissues surrounding it including in some cases lymph nodes, adrenal glands, etc. this is carried by either open single incision or by multiple small incisions in the abdomen
  • Partial Nephrectomy: In this method the cancer cells along with few cells of area surrounding the cancer cells are removed not the entire kidney. This process is conducted by laparoscopically. This method is commonly used for small kidney cancers so that further complications are checked.

2.Cryoablation: In this method the cancer cells developing within your kidney are freezed by injecting cold gas through needle into the tumor.

3.Radiofrequency ablation: In this method the cancer cells are burnt or heated up by allowing electric current to run through a needle inserted into the tumor via skin.

Usually the medications, injections and the diet control supplements required for the treatment of kidney cancer can be bought easily from online pharmacies.