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Diarrhea: 6 Common Causes and its Treatment

10 February, 2021 Ananya Das

Diarrhea is a stomach disorder where you are likely to encounter loose and frequent stools than usual. It usually is a normal problem which everyone faces at least once a year and gets fine back within 2 to 3 days without any medical aid. But if this continues, there is a need to consult the doctor. Dehydration can be a severe consequence of diarrhea since due to continuous loose motions, your body keeps on releasing fluid content.

Diarrhea occurs with inflammation in your intestine and stomach as a result of microbial infection. The most prone victims of diarrhea are infants, old age people, malnourished people and people with a weak immunity. It can be treated simply by maintaining proper hygiene and following a certain prescribed set of rules to take care of your personal and surrounding' cleanliness.

The following signs if experienced can tell you at an early stage if you are suffering from diarrhea.

  • Fever and vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach aches and cramps
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dehydration
  • Loss motions and frequent urges to pass stool

Causes of Diarrhea:

Here we have listed down for you 6 of the most common causes of diarrhea:

1. Bacterial infections: Diarrhea caused by bacteria is found to end up causing severe situations to the patient. These are actually welcomed in the body by eating contaminated food and drinks. The most common reasons for bacterial infections are the presence of bacteria Shigella, Campylobacter and Salmonellea. Bacteria called E.Coli and Listeria also causes diarrhea but are less common. If you are suffering from bacterial infection, your stool will contain mucus or blood.

2. Drug induced: As a reaction to the intake of certain medicines concerning blood pressure, antibiotics, cancer or antacids, diarrhea can take place. Diarrhea can result from the intake of magnesium containing antacids.

3. Certain abuse: If you are habitual of drinking alcohol, it may lead you to loose stools. Even if you take too much laxatives then you are at a high risk of being a victim of diarrhea. This becomes the biggest reason for self-induced diarrhea.

4. Food allergies: If you are allergic to lactose or lactic products and artificial sweeteners and consume much of them, it can cause a high risk of chronic diarrhea.

5. Intestinal disorders: If you are suffering from a disease that causes inflammation in your stomach and intestine especially small intestine or colon, it could be IBS or Crohn's disease which may lead to the development of diarrhea. Even mal-absorption of certain nutrients by colon can cause non-infectious chronic diarrhea.

6. Viral infections: The most common cause of diarrhea in infants is virus Rotavirus and in adults, it is Norovirus. But a virus that commonly causes infection to all age groups is adenovirus. Diarrhea caused by this usually lasts from 3 to 7 days and you may experience watery bowel movements and frequent stomach cramps.

Prevention for diarrhea:

1. Drink clean water: You must be careful about the source you are filling your drinking water from and also about the containers you are using to store the water. They both should be contamination free. Even after taking precautions there are chances of the water being contaminated, so always treat water before drinking.

2. Food hygiene: Be careful about keeping your food (raw and cooked) safe by always keeping it covered with nets. Also, try to eat the cooked food immediately after cooking so as to avoid any kind of germ attack on it. Besides, you should also take care before eating or cooking raw vegetables and fruits. They must be washed properly to clean off any germs from its surface.

3. Maintain floor hygiene: Keep your floor clean by using proper disinfectant to clean the surface.

Treatment and medications:

1. The most effective and simple way to treat diarrhea is by replacing the lost fluids from the body. Intake of electrolytic drinks like ORS and electrolyte are useful.

2. If the condition is serious, your doctor will prescribe you antibiotics in case the cause of your diarrhea is bacterial infections. Redotil 100mg Capsule

All the prescribed antibiotics and sporty drinks are easily available in online pharmacies and medical shops near you.


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