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Cancer Patients Healthy Diet: Dos and Don'ts

25 January, 2021 Rishika Chawla

Cancer is a group of disease in which abnormal cell grows in the body and causes harm to it. Cancer Stage 1 cancer or an early stage cancer refers to a condition where tumor has not grown and spread to nearby tissues. The patient battling with cancer usually confuses about eating a healthy diet and what should be included as a right nutrition for a cancer patient.

What is a Healthy Diet for Cancer Survivor

Cancer patient generally experience loss of taste and appetite in their diet. They cannot fully recognise the salty and sweet side of their meal depending on the type of cancer they are diagnosed with. A person suffering from Cancer has to be very selective with his diet and shall carefully study the side effects of anything in excess order. Eating wrong food or unhealthy diet can lead to a serious medical condition. Some of them are listed below:

  • Eating wrong basically has a side effect on your body. It can be clearly seen when a cancer patient eats high fat, greasy or spicy food. This may lead to vomiting.
  • Health issues with mouth can also arise when one eats spicy, acidic and rough food.
  • It is proved and medically consulted that drinking a lot of water can keep one away from any disease. Similarly it is advised to drink as much water as you can, otherwise it may lead to constipation.

When you have wrong habits there is always a cure to make it correct.

Some of the food which should be eaten while suffering from cancer can be:

  • Olive oil: Consuming olive oil is safer for curing cancer. As it can have a ease for digestive system of the body. Also it helps in issues of breast cancer.
  • Flex seeds: Flex seeds are another way of getting rid of cancer. It helps in curing breast cancer and also does a bit with prostates.
  • Soy: Soy is considered as good for everyone Soy milk, soy chunks, soy nuts can be taken.
  • Garlic Breath: Taking garlic breath can also help in curing stomach cancer. One must include 2 to 5 grams of garlic in his or her food.
  • Fruits: Fruit consumption is always a good method of keeping one safe from cancer. You can have papaya, chikoo, apple blueberries also as a fruit for curing cancer.
  • Oatmeal: Keeping all the nutrients in the diet is a big task. You must have a oatmeal which includes proteins, fats, nutrients, and other things.
  • Spinach: Benefits of spinach is known to everyone. Taking it may help in getting relief from stomach and liver cancer.
  • Water: A person should drink 2 to 3 litres of water daily. Any type of drink can be taken during cancer but one must avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Health Benefits of Water
  • Walnuts: Walnuts are a boon for people suffering knee pain and breast cancer.

These foods can be taken during or after the treatment of cancer but one must take care of eating such foods while the treatment goes on. This includes chicken, fish, eggs, beans, seeds, cheese, milk, yogurt, nuts. Yogurt can be taken daily, one or half cup must be included in a healthy diet.

While knowing the good food habits a cancer suffering patient must be aware about the foods which will lead him to poor health. These types of food should be avoided by everyone whether the person suffers or not from cancer. The food includes:

  • Fast food: Eating fast food nowadays is common for everyone. But what we can do is to set a limit for our self that we have to just limit it as much as we can.
  • Processed food: Processed food includes the food with high sugar level. Cold drinks, chips, and other refrained items are also contained in it.

Eating wrong food can lead one to cancer which is a very dangerous disease. Colorectal cancer, pharynx, larynx, breast, kidney, liver are some types of cancer which can be caused by ill consumption of food. Research study has proved that 30% of people suffer from cancer due to wrong habits of diet.

Basic requirements which a healthy plate of food demand are:

  • Hydrated: One must take the food which keeps the body hydrated. Any fluid can be taken but the best source is water and coconut water.
  • Energy and nutrients: Food must provide you more and more energy and the nutrients which are required by the body for daily consumption.
  • Protein: Proteins is a basic necessity which must be included in your diet take as many pulses as you can and also include nuts in your food.
  • Calorie rich food: Eating calorie rich food must help you in fighting from cancer. But remember that calories must not be taken from processed or fast foods.
  • Nutritious fats: Fats are also needed by the body as it is also a part of the good plate. But you must take care of healthy fats only going into your body.

When one will noted all such things, it would really be a great help. People who suffer from cancer must know the good quantity and quality of food that they are consuming and also they should not believe the wrong methods of eating the food. You can consult any doctor or in present there are many pharmacy stores online which will guide you for your change in habits or will deliver you the right medicines at your home. Some of the food tips which can be followed for a good and healthy intake of nutritive diet they can be:

  • Washing hands before making food or eating is the best habit for everyone but it must be taken care specially in the case of cancer patients.
  • Do not eat raw fruits or vegetables it must be washed before making it or consuming it directly.
  • One must note take the food which is made before like you should not eat the food at night which was made in the day this would help you in a good digestive system.
  • Always use clean cooking utensils for making food unless it would create damage to the body parts and organs.

So it’s important, one should clearly understand taking care of diet. You must start your day with cinnamon tea, green tea or consuming cumin. This will help you for a good digestive system curing cancer is not easy but when we take right and good homemade food it can be done.