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Napping: Benefits and Drawbacks for Everyone

18 January, 2021 Deepika Chakraborty

There are a number of ways Napping has proved to be helpful as its helps in Relaxation, Reduced fatigue, increased alertness, improved mood and performance, including quicker reaction time and better memory. Explore the benefits and drawbacks of taking a Nap along with best practices.

Proper sleep provides great relaxation to the body and mind. Sleep is very important for healthy sustenance. However, a busy schedule, stressful life, and hard work do not allow most people to grab a proper sleep. Also, it is not possible to sleep during odd hours as that may hinder productivity of your regular lifestyle. But what if you’re tired mind impedes your success and day-to-day activities? Here comes the concept of a small nap that proves beneficial for a healthy and happy mind.

People often love to take a short nap during day time after lunch. The body relaxes after ingesting food and that gives a sense of lethargy to the body and mind. In such a situation, a small nap can boost up peoples mood and mind and helps in continuing the pending works.

What is Napping?

Napping is short-time sleep that is mostly taken during working hours or post-lunch. This phenomenon is seen across the world in all age groups. Napping is good for health if it is taken with proper knowledge. Napping during wrong hours can backfire and may develop other conditions like inertia.

Studies have shown that a power nap between 15 and 45 minutes can improve memory and reduce fatigue for the rest of the day. If napping is helping a person to get through the day, that is probably a good thing. But they are napping because they cannot stay awake then it signifies some underlying health issues. Either the person is not getting proper sleep, or their sleep quality could be inadequate.

Advantages of Napping

Relaxes the mind: A small nap after a hectic day, makes the mind calm and eases stress and tension. It helps the person to recollect all the stamina and makes a person concentrate more on work.

Reduced fatigue: Napping does magic by reducing fatigue. It helps the body to regain energy and gives some time to the mind to recollect its strength.

Enhances concentration power: It is very difficult for a tired mind to work smoothly and accurately. Therefore, a small nap gives relaxation to the mind, which helps in enhancing the concentration power.

Improves mood: Napping is significant so that it helps in enhancing the mood of a person. A fresh mind helps people to work hard and to complete tasks in a given time. Therefore, the mood of a person improves.

Disadvantages of Napping

Disoriented or confused: Longer naps make people feel tired and confused immediately after they wake up. When people wake up after a long nap, they come out of a deep sleep that makes their head blurred. It also gives lethargy to the body and impedes the work quality.

Difficulty in sleeping: According to the researchers, long naps during the day cause sleeplessness at night. Most doctors advise their patients to avoid napping if they are suffering from insomnia.

Best ways to take a nap

1) Try to take short naps: People should try to take 10 to 20 minutes of a nap, as a long nap does not make the body and mind tired and fuzzy.

2) Napping in the early afternoon: Early afternoon is the correct time of napping. Other factors such as sleeping schedule, age, medication use play a role in determining the best time to nap.

3) Napping in the correct environment: Napping should be of less time that demands a comfortable place to avoid distractions.

Giving the body time to relax can work wonders on productivity and can improve the overall quality of life. However, napping for an extended period can leave the body flustered and mind confused. It can also lead to conditions like sleeplessness and insomnia in due course of time. Hence, people must engage in napping with proper knowledge of benefits and disadvantages so that they can enjoy their siesta without a sense of guilt not reaching the daily goals.


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