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6 Reasons for an Itchy Scalp & its Treatment

15 January, 2021 Janak Parmar

An itchy scalp is a kind of thing that can happen to anyone. The main reason and cause of the itchy scalp are bad hair products which includes extra fragrances and botanicals as ingredients. These types of products if used frequently can cause severe damage to the scalp due to which the scalp becomes itchy and heavy. Let us know more reasons for an itchy scalp.

6 Reasons Why you have an Itchy Scalp

1. Dandruff: Dandruff is the most common reason why people have an itchy scalp. It occurs when people are either having a sweaty scalp which has been dried and not washed properly or because of bad hair products. Another reason for developing dandruff is if we don’t keep our scalp clean. The scalp eventually gets dry and heavy due to which dandruff starts appearing.

Solution: There are a few products that are extensively made for dandruff cleansing and itchy scalp issues. Check for correct ingredients and use them to get rid. Another solution is keeping your scalp fresh and clean to make it dandruff free.

2. Allergic reaction to hair care products: The Itchy and dry scalp could possibly indicate that you are allergic to selected hair products which are not suitable for your scalp. An itchy scalp is often labeled as dermatitis, a condition which occurs when people are dying their hair. The para-phenylenediamine (PPD) is the main component found in the black hair dye. This is responsible for allergic reaction and dermatitis on the scalp.

Solution: Always have a patch check done before using any skincare or hair care product. If the tested skin patch gets reddish or starts to itch, do not use that product. Consider going to the nearest dermatologist to find the best hair care products that suits your hair and scalp type.

3. Head Lice: Head lice are the tiny small visible bugs that are found on your head. This is usually the reason if your scalp is itchy and heavy all the time. The overall itchiness of the scalp is dependent on the number of head lice that you have. If there are more lice on your hair, you are ought to face more difficulty and may find yourself scratching your scalp frequently.

Solution: The foremost solution to head lice is one should sit with you to examine your entire scalp and remove the head lice. This is not recommended since head lice spread to another person easily. Instead, Look for effective hair care products that focus on the removal of lice.

4. Scalp ringworm: Scalp ringworm is an infection which is caused by fungus. The scalp gets reddish and itchy. If not treated at the correct time, it can transform into one big puss like a bump.

Solution: Consult a nearby dermatologist. Scalp ringworm can easily be cured.

5. Nerve Problem: Along with an itchy scalp if you are facing itchiness in other parts of your body as well, its sign of a nerve problem. In medical terminologies, it’s called neuropathy. Neuropathy is diagnosed when your nerves do not work properly or shows abnormalities while functioning. In some cases, people might also develop scars due to hair loss and because of those scars, there can be nerve damage.

Solution: Keeping the scalp clean and dry and reducing your risk for developing high blood pressure issues can prevent nerve damage.

6. Scalp Psoriasis: In scalp psoriasis, your scalp gets covered with red patches with few traces of dandruff. You may also experience white patches developing all over the neck and head. The Itchiness of scalp psoriasis can range from mild to intense. Scalp psoriasis can spread from the head to the back of your ear and also to the neck region.

Solution: Get coal tar products that are available in many forms and prescribed medicines with the help of a dermatologist to cure it.

One should always keep the scalp dry and clean to protect it from infections and discomforts. Always try to go for prescribed hair products if your scalp is sensitive.

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