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How Diabetes, High BP and Kidney Disease are interrelated?

14 January, 2021 Pallavi Patel

If we consider Diabetes, Blood Pressure and kidney diseases one at a time, we already know how dangerous all these diseases are. A patient suffering from these problems go through lot of suffering. Now if we focus on all of the three health conditions, you will notice that they are interrelated to each other in most of the cases. Let us discuss about how they are interconnected to one another and person suffering from these three ailments survives.

Researchers have proved that in patients, the symptoms and causes of Blood pressure, diabetes and kidney are usually interlinked. Many of us are unaware of these interrelated facts. People keep wondering about the changes in their bodies or health, regarding their blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes or kidney problems. Little do they know that all the causes of their diseases or such issues might be related to one another? The following points highlight how these three health problems are related to one another.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

How high blood pressure affects diabetes
High blood pressure elevates the intensity of diabetes. It increases the risk of developing an eyesight problem which is a common symptom of having diabetes. Having high blood pressure along with diabetes worsens the symptoms of diabetes.

How high blood pressure affects kidney issues
The kidneys are known to be working because of the nephrons in it and the nephrons work because of the blood supply into them through the vessels. High blood pressure narrows and hardens the arteries, which after getting weakened resists the normal flow of blood into the nephrons. Therefore, hypertension destroys kidneys and its functioning. In some cases, the damage reaches to an extent that leads to kidney failure.


How diabetes affects blood pressure
High blood sugar (diabetes) leads to atherosclerosis which causes a significant damage to the arteries anywhere in the body. Therefore, atherosclerosis worsens the symptoms of high blood pressure by damaging the blood vessel (arteries) and increasing the risk of heart attacks or cardiac arrest.

How diabetes affects kidney issues
Uncontrolled diabetes damages the blood vessels of kidneys that filter and discard the bad blood from our body. It resists the proper functioning of the vessels. Diabetes mellitus is the presence of high glucose level in the blood. It ruptures all the minute filtering particles of kidney resulting into kidney failure.

Kidney Disease

How kidneys affect high blood pressure
A balanced blood pressure also depends on factors like the proper functioning of organs in the body. One of them is kidney. Kidney regulates blood in our body. It plays a major role in synchronizing or balancing the pressure of blood. When the kidney does not function properly, it affects the balanced flow of blood pressure. A Kidney that already has a disease may result in a high level of hypertension. Chronic kidney disease i.e., CKD in some cases consequences into heart problems as it worsens hypertension which eventually leads to heart attack.

How kidneys affect diabetes
When the kidneys due to its improper functioning or other reasons fail or gets totally or partially damaged, it leads to the formation of urea in the blood. This causes diabetes and if a person is already diagnosed with diabetes, kidney failure worsens the diabetic situation of the concerned person.

Some of the chronic kidney diseases become the reason of diabetes. Unhealthy kidney no longer purifies or filters the blood which leads to higher content of sugar level in the blood.

Outlook After knowing everything about the BP, diabetes and kidney disease and their interlinked condition, we can conclude that all the causes of these problems are reasons of occurrence of the three diseases and are interlinked in direct or indirect ways which we can cure by following a proper treatment, medical direction and medication.