10 Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds

07 January, 2021 Pallavi Patel

Fennel seed or saunf is a common ingredient found in every home that holds important health benefits unknown to many. Here are all the important aspects and the wide spectrum of health benefits of fennel seeds that can be helpful to you.

Fennel is recognized to be a plant that belongs to an invasive species. It produces flowers in which seeds are attached known as fennel seeds. It is considered to be a part of the carrot family. The seeds are usually harvested when the flowers dry out and turn brown. Fennel seeds have quite a good number of health benefits. It has 20% content of vitamin C, 3% of vitamin A, 3% of niacin. Nutrient contents like dietary fiber (12%), protein (2%), calories(2%) and minerals like potassium(12%), manganese(10%), calcium(5%), phosphorous(5%) and magnesium(4%) present in the smaller seeds.

10 Health Benefits of having Fennel seeds Daily

1. Removes bad breath
Have you ever thought about why fennel seed is offered in festivities or restaurants after meals? It is to eliminate any kind of bad breath that develops after consuming food. Some people who suffer from the problem of bad breath consume fennel seeds frequently only for the sole purpose of discarding bad breath. It works well to cease the development of bad breath and also reduces its intensity if it has already developed in the mouth.

2. Promotes good heart health
Fennel seeds keep the cholesterol level in control due to the presence of a high amount of nutrients in them. It also reduces the risk of getting diagnosed with any kind of heart disease. The potassium concentrate of fennel seed decreases high blood pressure and frequent intake of it leads to having a balanced blood pressure level.

3. Helps fight cancer
The combined richness of all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins of fennel seeds is advantageous for fighting cancer in many ways. But, people who are estrogen intolerant, are suggested to avoid consumption of fennel seeds. Therefore cancer patients are directed not to use much fennel seeds and consume them moderately. It is necessary for the patients to consult their doctor for the best suggestions.

4. Promotes gut health
Fennel seeds are imbibed with certain oil properties which are beneficial for bloating or digestive purposes. It heals constipation as the oils present in it help cure digestion and minimize the formation of gas. It also contains anethole and fenchone which cure inflammation too.

5. Boosts eyesight
Having some amount of fennel seeds or tea with fennel seed regularly helps to have good eyesight. It has vitamin A that promotes clear vision.

6. Helps in weight loss
Fennel seeds when taken in smaller amounts can make you stay fuller for a longer period of time, i.e., it reduces the urge to eat frequently. It helps one not to get hungry at an immediate rate after every meal which results in fewer intakes of calories and other food that elevates weight gain. It is therefore used to bring down appetite and lose weight.

7. Ayurvedic benefits
It removes toxins from your body due to the presence of its cooling effect. Eating washed fennel seeds is more effective than having them in a cooked version because cooking lessens the effectiveness of all the nutrients of the seed.

8. Fosters hair growth
Fennel seed also elevates hair growth and combats hair fall. It has iron, niacin, and molybdenum that enhance hair growth as all these nutrients are good for the weak hair follicles. It strengthens the hold of hair on scalp reducing the rate of breakage.

9. Increase breast milk
Breastfeeding mothers are often suggested to consume this seed as it has anethole which increases the production of galactogenic in women which is responsible for the secretion of breast milk. If the galactogenic properties get increased, the milk secretion automatically rises.

Fennel seed also helps in healing the signs or symptoms of menopause in women. It cures vaginal irritation and helps to bring back the normal sleep schedule on track.

10. Cures diseases
It inclines down the effect of diseases like anemia and diabetes. It also heals neurological and cardiovascular diseases. Fennel seeds terminate the development of all these diseases since it works as an antioxidant which is beneficial to heal such diseases.

Fennel and its Seeds are a great source of magnesium, potassium, and calcium, its health benefits are considered best in keeping heart healthy. Explore nutritional value and 10 scientifically proved health benefits of having Fennel Seeds daily. Fennel Seeds are also known as saunf in India.


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