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7 Wonderful Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

06 January, 2021 Sanjana Patel

Aloe Vera with antioxidant and antibacterial properties is a gem of medical plant that helps in treating several health conditions. From Skin Allergy to Cancer treatment, explore the wonderful health benefits of Aloe Vera with this nutrition guide.

The Miracle Plant. The Wonder Plant. The Magical Plant. The Healing Plant. The Medicinal Plant - Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera, also known as Aloe Barbadensis, is the genus of Aloe, a short-stemmed plant more like a shrub with thick and prickly-edged leaves which is known to grow more common in the tropical zones. The leaves of the Aloe Vera are slimy tissues that store water in them in gel form. Aloe Vera is a Multipurpose Plant. It is used in various fields, be it herbal, medicinal, or cosmetology.

Aloe Vera consists of almost 75 potential nutritional elements which includes essential amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and polysaccharides that are vital for our human body as they promote muscle growth, metabolism, prevention from cellular damage, bone and teeth strength along with energy-boosting, neutralizing free radicals, stimulating the immune system especially against HIV, etc.


1. Helps Treat Skin Allergies and Ailments
Aloe Vera is excellent for skincare. It not only beautifies the skin but also has healing properties making the skin clear, moisturized, and bouncy. Here are a few skin diseases and conditions Aloe Vera helps with;

  • Dandruff (The white flaky scalp skin, which sticks to the scalp causing itching)
  • Eczema (Itching Rashes like Condition, advisable to seek medical help)
  • Seborrhea (Similar to Eczema but affects oily regions, as well)
  • Psoriasis (Scaly and Itching Patches across the skin, a chronic disease)
  • Sun Burn (Skin turns red, due to excessive time spent under the sun, without any coverings)
  • Minor Skin Burns as well are Secondary
  • Nullifies Radiation Burns (Cancer patients who go through Radiation Therapy often suffer from UV Radiation Burns)
  • Skin Abrasions (Small Grazes, Scrapes or Bruises)
  • Cuts (Not the deep ones, but minor cuts, helps with fading of the scars as well)
  • Insect Bites (Swelling and Itching caused by bites of bugs or insects)
  • Reduction of Acne, Stretch Marks, Dry Skin
  • Cold Sores (Fever Blisters, form around the lip area), Frostbite (Freezing of the tissues beneath our skin)

2. Lowers Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels
It is observed that those ailing with Diabetes consider aloe vera very helpful in lowering the blood sugar levels due to its low Glycemic Index. Glycemic Index (GI) is the measuring range that decides which foods release sugar into our bodies and at which rate. As Aloe Vera has a low GI, it is highly beneficial for Diabetic patients. Also, the Consumption of Aloe Vera in Juice form helps in lowering one’s Cholesterol Levels, by reducing triglycerides and halting cholesterol absorption in the body.

3. Promotes Oral Health
Aloe vera helps to strengthen the gums and maintain stronger teeth. Tooth Decaying and Plaque can weaken the gums. Aloe Vera, being a medicinal plant, can destroy Streptococcus Mutans and Candida Albicans, both of which largely contribute to the decaying of teeth. Aloe also helps with Scurvy - Swelling and Bleeding of Gums. It also alleviates Mouth Ulcers or Canker Sores along with Bad Breath.

4. Aids Gut Health
Be it indigestion, constipation, or diarrhea (loose motions), aloe vera’s Latex Part (inner yellow liquid) that has high laxative properties helps one find relief from such discomforts. It expels the extra water thereby reducing the risk of developing kidney stones by deflecting oxalates from our body. As a laxative, aloe vera also proves to be beneficial for people suffering from fissures and sentinel piles.

5. Cures inflammatory diseases
Aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of Vitamins along with other nutrients and antioxidants works as a pain reliever for those who have inflammation causing illnesses like Arthritis, Asthma, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, etc.

6. Promotes liver health
Aloe Vera is a water-based plant and a natural detoxifier that helps the blood release toxins from the body. It relieves the liver and kidney from the task of flushing out toxins, eventually making aloe vera highly rewarding for the good health of one’s Liver.

7. Curbs Cancer
Aloe Vera is a treasure chest of nutrients and minerals. Among them resides Polysaccharides, an immune-boosting element that highly helps in terminating and putting an end to the spread of cancer cells. Aloe vera is especially helpful with Breast cancer and the overall health of a woman.

These are a few of the many benefits that aloe vera offers. Aloe vera can be consumed in the form of gel, powder, juices, medicines, capsules, etc. which are easily available in online pharmacies. Either way, topical use is more advisable if using domestically.

Aloe Vera - Dosage, Interactions with Drugs and Risks

Note: One must compulsorily abide by the doctor’s instructions when consuming aloe vera for any specific health issue.

It is also obvious that aloe vera has its share of Side-Effects as well, which will need a whole another blog. So, till then revel in what Aloe Vera has to offer but it is best to beware.

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