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Pharma Outlook 2021: Revolution in Healthcare Industry

04 January, 2021

Indian healthcare sector reeling from Covid-19 impact was under tremendous pressure to secure health and life of millions of people living here. Not only health care professionals were under desperate circumstances, availability of Medicine and products was also a major issue. 3meds introduced in March 2020, has simplified medicine delivery for everyone located here. Not only it acts as a trusted source of pharmacy, delivery of medicine across India is very safe and reliable as well. Order your medicines at odd hours and at all hours. Forget the days of standing in a queue buying medicines from the local pharmacy.

How 3meds helps in Medicine Delivery

Let 3Meds help you to have an easier and healthier journey of life. We have your health covered and protected by our pan-India network. We care for you and cater to each and every order very sincerely. Now you can forget about getting your medicines; and let your 3MEDS app do it for you!

Book Lab Tests Online

Continue living with a healthy state of mind free from all deficiencies. Get diagnosed with results from your reports in just 24 hours. Safely protect health of your loved ones with our assured health check up packages. Worried about Diabetes running in the family! Get relieved with our affordable and trusted Diabetes Test. Have aged parents or young children in the family! Concerned about their well-being! 3MEDS recommends Senior Citizen Health Checkup Package and Child Health Checkup Package. Feeling unwell! Do not neglect your health! Immediately get your tests done. We advise lipid profile test, cholesterol test, liver function test, complete hemogram test, kidney function test, blood sugar test, thyroid test and more for a healthy and fit life. Order your Lab test from any part of India and we shall ensure you have a carefree experience towards better health.

Why Choose 3MEDS over other Medicine Delivery Platform

  • We offer a wide range of essential supply of medicines and various other healthcare products all across India with free home delivery.
  • We actively deliver you health and healthcare wrapped in safe hands with care.
  • You order easily and we deliver happily.
  • We let you have genuine products at competitive rates.
  • We take customer feedback very seriously and improve from your experience.
  • We love to hear from our customers and add new and latest products of the healthcare industry continuously, thereby enriching our app and your experience.


FREE Access to Health Information


3MEDS helps you search for a wide range of medicines. You can find alternate brands at lower prices in addition to the prescribed 3Meds discounts. Check us, review us and help us grow. Meet our happy customers who have trusted us for our top-notch healthcare facilities. Trust us with sample for your regular body checkups. Get reliable results from fully automated labs providing international quality standards. We also offer a wide range of body check-up packages at competitive prices. Get benefited by helpful additional medicine-related information such as how-to-use information, side effects, safety alerts, treatment and expert advice and get your queries answered from the section on Patient FAQs.


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