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Digital transformation is a reality in the Health care Industry

04 June, 2020 Arpita Karmakar

Overview -


Healthcare industry, with its three broad segments of generic, diagnostic and therapeutic services, has been holding a well known position in the world graph. The Indian pharmaceutical market is the third largest in terms of volume, globally with an expected growth rate of 11.3% by the end of 2020..

But over the years, the retail ecosystem has witnessed frictional changes leading to cost increments and inefficiencies.


And thus a technological upgrade of the healthcare industry has been on demand to take the centre stage in addressing the need gap.

The health care model that operates over the internet and provides customers services at their doorsteps via online transactions and through an online web portal or application is the best example of transformation in the healthcare Industry.

Patient treatment with virtual reality, health care applications and portals, online delivery of medicines, artificial intelligence, medical wearable devices etc are the new wonders of technology in the healthcare ecosystem.



Trending digital transformation in health care -

  • Almost 50% of web browsing is done on smartphones and hence the need for on demand healthcare among patients. Online services provided by licensed pharmacies with a 100% safe to use app or site such as The 3MEDS application, which is one of the best online medicine delivery app in India, accredited with Online Quality Certification which guarantees the quality of the drugs being sold by them. They deliver products with fresh manufacturing dates and at least  3 months of expiry remaining with multiple discounts and offers to the customers.


  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE or commonly known as AI is the cardinal innovation of technology in the healthcare market. It has brought a seismic shift to the industry by bringing advancement in medical imaging, mining medicinal records and in early prediction and designing of treatment and drugs.


  • The astonishing takeover of the retail health care by VIRTUAL REALITY is one of the most positive impacts of digitalisation. VR surgeries letting people observe operations from a surgeon's point of view, pain relaxing medical VR etc are the fascinating implications of technology.


  • Healthcare trackers, sensors etc let individuals take care of their own health using technological advancements. Those devices empower us to manage our weight, stress level, heart rate and Cognitive behavior making us overall fit and active.


  • NANOTECHNOLOGY is yet another reality making huge progress in monitoring of cuts and wounds, cancer treatment, collecting biopsy samples etc


  • e-Pharmacies have all the necessary resources to invest in and utilize the latest information technology software. Digitalization of pharmacies helps them track not only the transactions but the deliveries too and making sure a faster, comprehensive and reliable delivery.


  • Technology helps these online pharmacies to keep all their customer information confidential and not only that they are bound to provide a trustworthy 24×7 customer service. Not only that e-Pharmacies often provide essential information to customers such as drug interactions, side effects, medicine reminders and alternatives.The best online pharmacy in India is committed to provide a customer service philosophy that is worthy of the valued customers’ loyalty.


  • Most e-Pharmacies offer a superior online shopping experience, which includes ease of navigation and absolute transactional security.3MEDS App which is available free of cost over Play Store is an easy to use and reliable application where medicines can be ordered by a few clicks. After downloading the app make sure to subscribe to it as this would entitle to many more benefits.


The bottom line-



From offering convenience to customers in terms of delivering medicines at the doorsteps to reliable, good quality services to discounts  and to ease consumer access, e-Pharmacies have tremendous prospect to transform the healthcare needs of millions in the county.

Patients rarely get the opportunity to see what goes on in the name of technological upgradation of healthcare , which is why there are misconceptions about the online practices of healthcare industries and their functioning. But those online applications of healthcare system that offer a safe, affordable and reliable way to obtain prescription medicines and services are frequently used by satisfied customers.