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07 July, 2020 Atheeva


Are you playing it safe amid the covid-19 pandemic? Do you want to enhance your protection force and keep your soldiers on guard a bit more powerful?

Yes, I am talking about your body’s defense system- Your IMMUNITY. Keeping your immune system at its best is something you can try to do to fight against this deadly virus that has become a pandemic now.


Immunity: It is the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells. In simple words your immune system defends you against harmful bacteria and viruses. 

So if you have good immunity, then your chance of getting affected with Covid-19 is very little. Boosting your immunity is not the ultimate solution to stay safe. Guidelines of covid-19 lockdown recommend the old age people, infants and children to stay indoors as far as possible because their immunity system is weak according to their age. Therefore more than anything, you should follow the basic guidelines of washing your hands frequently and wearing masks while you are in a public space. But an optimized immunity surely adds to your better health and protection.


10 ways to optimize your immunity during covid-19

1. Eat What Your Body Wants: Your gut and immunity are strongly linked. So it is important to have a healthy and balanced diet. Eat low carbs diet as it will help you keep your blood sugar and pressure under control. Choose a more protein rich diet including lots of vegetables, especially dark green leafy vegetables and fruits to keep you in shape. Some natural immunity supplements are ginger, gooseberries, garlic, basal leaves and black cumin. Some probiotics like yogurt and traditional butter milk are also good for rejuvenating good bacteria in your gut.

2. Better Sleep Habits: A 7-8 hours sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy body. Lack of sleep impairs all bodily functions and thus affects the immunity. So you must have a deep peaceful sleep to boost your immunity

3. Stay Hydrated: You can’t compromise on drinking water. Make sure you drink up 8-10 glasses of water every day. It helps to flush out the toxins from your body.

4. Exercise: A good diet should be always accompanied with a good amount of basic exercise. Spend around 30-40 min for exercise that makes your body sweat and increase your stamina. Also regular exercise improves your metabolism. During lockdown days you could always catch up with some YouTube workout or exercise videos.

5. Mental Health: The prolonged period of staying indoors can become stressful sometimes. You might become more anxious about the pandemic too. In these times, meditation is one of the best ways that will help you to stay calm and focus on the better. Practicing yoga and other breathing exercises can be highly beneficial to calm down your nerves and keep you balanced inward and outward.

6. Hygiene: Keep the germs at bay by following good hygiene habits. It is of utmost importance during covid-19. Wash your hands frequently, especially when you have been into common places. Also wear masks while going out. Never be lazy to follow basic hygienic habits of taking bath everyday and washing your hands after going to toilet and before having food. Keep yourself and your surroundings clean.

7. Stay Active Physically and Mentally: keeping your mind occupied in something useful and productive is a good way to keep it active and healthy. Mental well being is as importance physical well being. Other than the routine exercise, you should always keep your body active by engaging in daily chores at home or finding some useful tasks or activities like playing games, gardening etc.

8. Avoid Smoking, Alcohol And Other Addictive Substance: Habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and other addictive substances like drugs could weaken body defenses and could cause respiratory illness as well as kidney diseases.

9. Sunlight: While you are staying indoors you might not remember the need to get some sunlight. Spend some quality time outside your house, in the garden or be at terrace. Sun bath enhances the amount of vitamin D that builds a strong immunity. 

10. Stay Connected And Do Good To Others: Be in touch with your loved ones and always try to be of help to someone during the hour of need. And appreciate others for what they are good at. Maybe you could help less privileged people or animals during this time of lockdown. These might make you stay happy and positive throughout.  The happy hormones will help you beat anxiety and depression. These simple socializing steps will also impact your well being and optimize your immunity.


Along with these ways, you can better your diet and health by taking enough vitamin supplements as per a doctor’s suggestion. For the same purpose you can choose one of the best online pharmacy service - 3Meds for doorstep delivery of medicines and other healthcare products.