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Men's Mental Health: Overview, Affects and Support

24 November, 2020 Deepika Chakraborty

Men and women are two significant factors on which the entire society depends on. Both are equally important to run the world and to ascend the human race. Both the genders have their particular roles prepared by nature as well as society to play on. However, people mostly talk about women's health, their living standard, and their troubles. With development, women's issues are coming more to the forefront. Media also circles around women's issues to raise their TRPs. But hardly anyone talks about men's health. What mental pressure they are going on? What are the men's health issues?

Why Are Men Reluctant To Talk About Their Health or Mental Issue?

It is generalized that men should be strong and tough. Crying, showing emotions are considered taboo according to society. Men do not cry', people often hear these words while raising a boy child. This system prepares a boy in a way that after growing up, men often feel that describing their issue will show their weakness and failure, and hence they prefer to live in the darkness of depression and suffering.

Peer pressure is another reason that compels men to hide their emotions and troubles.

Why Discussion on Men's Mental Health is the Need of the Hour?

There are certain stigmas in a society whose repercussions and burden men have to take on their shoulders.

Patriarchal society has made statements that men are the bread earner and women are the child-bearer and nurturer of the house.

Corona pandemic is one such example that has proved what level of mental pressure many men faced when they lost their jobs due to nationwide lockdown. News channels and newspapers were flooded with the news of suicide committed by men as they were the only bread earner of the family. The fear of failing in fulfilling the basic needs of the family compelled many to commit suicide.

Cases of domestic violence got increased as many men find it is the only way to take out their frustration. Also, many choose the path of consuming alcohol and other unwanted products that leads to various body ailments. Therefore, all these incidents call for a discussion on men's mental pressures and health.

However, researchers and activists from the medical field are now agitating for more attention to male health and their wellbeing.

What Are The Various Mental Ailments That Men Face?

Common mental health problems are:

1. Depression
2. Anxiety
3. Panic Disorder
4. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
5. Suicidal tendencies
6. Less satisfaction from life.
7. Prime Victims of violent crimes.

How to Save Sanity: Remedial Measures

One of the best ways to deal with mental health issues is to have a discourse. If men start talking about their problems and health issues openly without fearing societal norms, half of the mental issue will be cured on its own. Other measures that will help men to deal with their mental issues are:

1) Behavioral therapies: Behavioral therapy helps in fighting unhealthy and negative thoughts. It helps to overcome suicidal thoughts and low self-esteem.

2) Psychotherapy: This therapy helps in uncovering the real cause that leads to mental illness.

3) Animal-assisted therapy: As it is said, pets are the real friend of humans. Therefore, spending some moments with the pet helps in enhancing the mood, subsides the negative thoughts, and spreads positivity in the environment.

4) Medication: In severe cases of mental illness, it is imperative to seek doctor's help. One can also practice Yoga as it offers several health benefits. Antidepressants or antianxiety pills help the patient to have a proper sleep making the mind relaxed and helps to fight any physical issues.

These medications are available in the best medicine app in India.

Men and women both are equally important for a healthy society. To overcome a physical issue, it is imperative to have a healthy discourse with the partner or the family member. Men's mental health is equally important as women that need discussion and attention so that there will be decrease in suicidal cases of men and the issue of domestic violence will get resolved.