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Aerobic exercise and benefits on your health

07 July, 2020 Arpita Karmakar

What is an aerobic exercise? 

Exercises that require pumping of oxygenated blood by the heart in order to deliver oxygen to the working muscles are called aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercise stimulates the breathing rate and heart rate to increase in a way that can be sustained well for the exercise session.

What are the types of aerobic exercises? 

To join the fitness revolution, below mentioned are top exercises that aim at providing maximum benefits. 


The simplest and most widely done aerobic exercise is walking or at a faster pace, running . To match the fitness level the intensity can be easily varied without any special equipment. The fact that it can be done anywhere makes it easier to continue throughout the year. 


The type of aerobic exercise with wide appeal and value is cycling. It is absolutely ideal for individuals who due to various orthopedic problems are unable to walk for a prolonged period of time without pain or difficulty. It heals the heart without any mechanical stress on the back hips and knees. 


Swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise which focuses brilliantly on the upper body. For non swimmers and beginners it might be a difficult activity to maintain as swimming might exceed their target heart rate range. Water aerobics, water walking etc are good alternatives for those with joint pain and low body fitness. 

Stair climbers / ellipticals-

These types of machines help in providing a good aerobic workout and can be pursued regularly regardless of the weather. Exercising on these machines may be too strenuous to be enjoyable by providing optimal benefit. 

How much aerobic exercise do we need? 

3MEDS, the best online pharmacy in India says, it is recommended that 20 to 60 minutes of continuous aerobic activity like walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, etc for at least three times a week, at 60%-90% of maximum heart rate and combining two to three days of resistance training is ideal for staying fit. 

What happens inside the body when we do aerobic exercise regularly:

When we exercise on a regular basis, the heart gets stronger and pumps more blood with each beat. Greater stroke volume means the heart doesn't need to pump as fast to meet the demands created by exercise. Fewer beats of the heart  and more stroke volume usually mean greater efficiency of the heart. 

Why is aerobic exercise widely recommended? What are the benefits? 


  1. Aerobic Exercise helps in improving 

cardiovascular health-

Aerobic exercises help in strengthening the heart by making it pump blood more efficiently throughout the body.Cardiovascular exercise often helps in lowering blood pressure, and keeping the arteries clear. 


  1. Aerobic Exercise helps in lowering blood pressure and sugar-

Aerobic exercise helps manage the symptoms of high blood pressure, regulate the insulin levels in our body and lower blood sugar levels  along with keeping body weight in check.


  1. Aerobic Exercise to heal cancer symptoms- 

3MEDS, the best anticancer medicine supplier suggests that higher levels of physical activities are associated with a reduced risk of cancer coming back and a longer survival after a successful cancer diagnosis. Aerobic exercises for cancer patients can make them more  fitter, stronger and reduce fatigue among them 


  1. Aerobic Exercise helps in reducing asthma symptoms-

People with asthma are highly benefited with aerobic exercises. They lessen both the frequency and severity of asthma attacks. But it's important for asthma patients to inform their regular physician before beginning a new exercise routine. 


  1. Aerobic Exercise helps in strengthening the immune system-

Regular and moderate exercise increases a number of antibodies in the blood called immunoglobulins that ultimately strengthens the immune system and increases the cortisol levels.


  1. Aerobic Exercise improves brain power-

Our brain starts to lose tissue after the age of 30 and aerobic exercise slows this loss and helps in  improving cognitive performance. 


  1. Aerobic exercises boost our mood and reduce depression-

Aerobic exercises and other activities help in producing endorphins which are the chemicals in the brain acting as natural painkillers and also improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress and anxiety. 


  1. Aerobic exercise regulates sleep-

Aerobic exercises are the building blocks to excess weight loss and hold the power to help lose weight and keep it off. Depending on a person's weight and speed, he/she needs to walk or jog up to 4 miles to burn at least 400 to 600 calories. 


The bottom line-

3MEDS, the best medicine delivery app where we can buy medicines online says that there's absolutely no downside to working out regularly with aerobic exercises.  Aerobic exercises strengthen the heart, adds strength to the muscles and makes them more efficient fuel-burners. Aerobic exercises increase endurance and energy by improving the mood and make us fit and healthy.