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Pharmacy Career Option: A Road to Prosperity and Respect

20 November, 2020 Arindam Chakraborty

Average Indian parents dream about making their kids either a doctor or an engineer. There is a general taboo in the Indian society about career options, and many times students pursuing other than medical or engineering career options are looked down on and undermined.

The stigma associated with not getting a seat in engineering or medical college often compels some students to take their own lives.

Pharmacy as a Career Option

Most people are simply unaware of the exciting career opportunities that are relevant in present times. Students can opt for other than the medical or engineering profession and still have an exciting career that has job satisfaction and immense career growth potential.

Pharmacy is one such career option, which has immense potential for personal and monetary growth. People often fail to understand the importance of a pharmacist. A doctor cannot treat a patient unless a pharmacist supplies the right medicine. Doctors can suggest a cure, but a patient can only be treated when the pharmacist provides the required medicines as per the prescription.

Why are Pharmacists and Doctors not treated equally?

Education is an important aspect of the life of an average Indian. The educational reforms in recent decades have been instrumental in raising the literacy rate of the country. However, there are still many problems associated with the higher secondary education system. Teachers hardly guide the students concerning various career options one can choose after completing their college and university education.

Students who opt for Science streams in their pre-university courses suffer the most due to family and social pressure to become either a doctor or an engineer. The sad part of this act is that the teachers themselves do not advocate for other career options or provide guidance and counseling about choosing other career options.

Students who are interested in Life-Sciences are encouraged only to prepare for medical entrance examinations. The constant attitude of denial toward other career options by parents and teachers leads many students to believe that a career option like pharmacy is inferior to a medical science course and being a doctor is more respectful than being a pharmacist. Ignorance on part of the family and society helps widen this knowledge gap.

Future of Pharmacists in India

India has become one of the biggest drug-manufacturing countries in the world. The pharmaceutical industry in India generates around 30 billion US dollars of revenue each year, and this revenue is expected to reach around 55 to 60 billion US dollars by the end of 2023.

The Covid-19 crisis has been a big eye-opener for many Indian students as pharmacists are working 24×7 to deliver medicines and other medical supplies to the patients and hospitals. India survived a total healthcare system collapse due to the efficiency of the retail and online pharmacies across the country.

Pharmacists gathered lots of laurels and were hailed as Frontline Corona Warriors when the lockdown was imposed throughout the country due to the Corona pandemic.


Pharmacy is an exciting career options and has immense potential for personal growth. It is also one of the most respected jobs in the country as has been proved during the peak of the Corona crisis in India. Hence, by opting for a pharmacy career, a person can achieve great personal growth and contribute toward the welfare of society.

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