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Health Benefits of Ghee: For Skin, Hair, Body, Brain

19 November, 2020 Deepika Chakraborty

Right from Ancient Times, Ghee or Purified Butter is regarded for its Purity, Nutritional value and Healthy Living. Explore various health benefits of consuming Ghee and make it part of your Balanced (Regular) diet.

People often tend to believe the things that they see or hear. Due to modernization and capitalization, we always trust the product that we see on television and read about in various newspapers and magazines. But very few people think of finding the authenticity of the news. Capitalist people advertise their products by exaggerating the benefits of their products and their added values. The only thing that they keep in their mind is the money-making idea. These are the reasons why people are digressing from their roots or ethnicity.

One such instance of digression is from the staple food Ghee, also known as purified butter. People now choose various refined oils over ghee as they are compelled to believe that refined oils help in reducing cholesterol and fats from the body. These topics trigger the idea of discussing the significance of ghee or purified butter.

What is Ghee or Purified Butter?

Ghee is a purified form of butter. When the butter is simmered, a golden liquid is left behind that is known as ghee.

The essence of ghee is always noticed in Indian cuisine for centuries. It includes both scientific as well as religious values. Many other countries also use ghee in their regular diet, such as part of East Africa, Pakistan, East Asia, and the Middle Eastern countries.

How ghee gets subsided from the shelves of kitchen?

In history, the essence of ghee was present in the everyday meals of every household in India. But with the emergence of capitalism in India, big companies started advertising their products on big platforms like television and newspapers. In the market, a bottle of ghee got replaced with refined oils. Big companies successfully brainwashed people to market refined oils by calling pure ghee fattening and bad for health.

The impact of brainwash was so strong that physicians and dieticians also omitted ghee from the diet chart of their patients.

But researchers are now proving the point that refined oils provide no health benefits, instead, it is only colorless, odorless, and valueless product to make the customers fool.

What are the health benefits of Ghee?

Ghee contains lots of nutritional values that many people are not aware of. One can also say that Ghee is a goldmine of nutrients. Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) are saturated fats that are produced when the dietary fibers are fermented. The body uses these SCFA or saturated fats to obtain energy and fight cardiovascular diseases. Ghee contains saturated fats that are beneficial for health.

Milk contains lactose that causes bloating and gas in the stomach. But Ghee does not contain any lactose; instead, it acts as a catalyst that helps to break down the food and provides essential fatty acids to the body.

The prime fatty acid that is present in Ghee is Omega-3, a good fat that improves brain and heart health. Ghee also reduces the chance of getting affected by various cancers.

Other health benefits of Ghee are:

1) Cures cough
2) Improves eyesight
3) Relieves constipation
4) Possesses anti-inflammatory properties
5) Strengthens Immune System
6) Treat Burn injuries
7) Strengthens the bones.

How is Ghee associated with Ayurveda?

Ayurveda has always acknowledged Ghee as a food of the Gods, which is also a prime part of India’s heritage and traditional medicine.

Ayurveda has defined Ghee as a vehicle that helps in transporting the drugs to the deeper tissue and cells of the body. Ayurveda has regularly used cow ghee in the formation of Ayurvedic medicine primarily for chronic and degenerative ailments. Ayurvedic medicines are now available in an online ayurvedic medicine shop in India.

It is imperative to understand that excessive use of anything can be harmful. The word moderation plays an important role. Ghee provides many nutrients to the body, but excessive use of it may be harmful to health. It is also important to understand what quality of ghee one is consuming as many researchers are now proving that the use of refined oil may push you into the world of different ailments. Therefore, it is to time to go back to the roots and start using Ghee in daily meals. It will not only provide energy but also protect the body from heart diseases.

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