Health Benefits Of Yoga

02 November, 2020 Sumit


In a decadent society where lifestyle is degenerating day by day and where people have less time to devote to the all-encompassing well-being of body and soul, Yoga plays a significant measurable sustenance role in the psycho-social care and rehabilitation of people and patients all across the globe. The importance of Yoga has been perceptibly visible in the recent pandemic cursed society. Yoga has been a constant source of betterment for COVID-19 patients who are leading life and spending days in quarantine and isolation. Yoga has also been particularly useful in allaying their mental trauma, fear and anxiety.Yoga has some undeniably benign effects for human body and mind. Yoga asanas bring about a sustained mental and physical improvement.

Yoga Veritably Reduces Anxiety

Yoga acts as a balm for any kind of emotional distress. A continual yoga program can help people lowering their levels of cortisol. Simultaneously, yoga also reduces the levels of stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression in all human beings. When practiced diligently, yoga along with other methods of stress relieving measures, such as meditation, can help to keep mental stress at bay.

Yoga Might Increase Muscular Strength And Improve Body Postures

Yoga is believed to improve flexibility of body and if practiced on a regular basis might also help in improving physical strength. There are special yoga asanas that help you keep your body energetic and fit.  These asanas are also said to be stress busters and help get rid of anxiety related issues. Overall, these asanas are said to make your body healthy. Now, more than ever, due to the global corona virus pandemic, people have been confined inside homes and not getting enough physical exercise. Yoga along with healthy eating habits can go a long way in building stamina and strengthening muscles. Yoga has also proven to be very effective in reducing excess weight and offering the much needed relief from back pain that can occur due to continual sitting jobs and bad sitting postures while working from home.

Among children and youngsters, who have a growing body, yoga helps in improving body postures and also keeps all senses alert and brains sharp and responsive. Dands or squats make body flexible. Dand baithak strengthens muscles and keeps body in shape. Dandasana perfects body postures and strengthens the various joints. For example, Mishra Dand makes wrists, fingers, palms, neck, chest and back stronger, supple and more flexible.

Yoga Protects Cartilages, Joints And Spine

Practicing yoga forces you to explore and exploit your joints to the fullest extent. Yoga thus acts as a deterrent to physical ailments such as degenerative arthritis and breathes life to your cartilages, which when not used for long can lead to wear and tear, thereby exposing the underlying bone and risking the bone health. The spinal discs are important as they are the shock absorbers during all major movements of the vertebrae. Yoga postures keep your discs flexible and offers nutrients through better blood circulation.

Yoga Betters Bone Health And Blood Flow

Yoga postures that encourage lifting your own weight strengthen bones and help curb osteoporosis. Arm bones are benefitted mostly and this is important since arm bones are susceptible to osteoporotic fractures more often. Regular and improved blood flow helps in maintaining calcium levels of bones. More specifically, the relaxation exercises you learn in yoga can help improve your blood circulation, especially in your hands and feet. Improved blood circulation cuts down risks of heart attacks and strokes and even helps fight organ swelling issues and kidney problems.

Yoga Is Believed To Enhance Strength And Tone Muscles

Some specific yoga postures are designed to increase body strength and build specific muscles. Regular practice of sun salutations for at least six days in a week and continued for more than 20 weeks have shown positive results. Participants have felt significant increase in strength in their upper body and have also undergone weight loss and body fat reduction. Combine yoga with regular fitness regime to reap sustained benefit.

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Yoga recommends healthy eating habits

Yoga can act as a great boon by promoting healthy eating practices by teaching you to be mindful or intuitive about what you are eating. It draws attention to the current moment during consumption of food. Through this practice, one tends to notice the taste, fragrance, quantity, quality and texture of food during consumption and undergoes some thought processes, feelings or sensations while eating. This psychological state of mind promotes healthy eating habits that are effective in controlling blood sugar, shedding excess weight and treat eating-related disorders. This mindfulness also checks compulsive over-eating trends.

Yoga is believed to treat and control migraines

The frequency of migraine attacks might get reduced if yoga is followed as an adjunct therapy. It is believed that yoga reduces the intensity of headache and frequency of migraine occurrence.

Yoga helps drain your lymph nodes and increases body immunity

While practicing yoga, when you carry out the body movements and your muscles get contracted and stretched, the drainage of lymph is boosted. This process helps fight infection and also fight cancer cells. The body is thus more tuned to dispose off the toxic waste products and the cells are equipped to carry out better functioning.

Yoga improves heart rate and helps control blood pressure and fight depression

The physical movements, while carrying out yoga postures, increase heart rate that consequently decrease chances of heart attack by improving blood circulation. If the aerobic asanas of yoga are practiced, they definitely boost heart rate and serve to improve cardiovascular functioning. Oxygen intake increases during these physical exercises and that helps fight depression. Continual yoga practice might lead to increase in serotonin levels of the body and also decrease the levels of monoamine oxidase. Thus a healthier and fitter body will be happier, more cheerful and optimistic and better equipped to fight away depression.

Yoga lends peace of mind and helps relax

Yoga controls mental imbalances and frequent fluctuations of the mind. It also better equips the mind and body to deal with mental stress,feelings of frustration, dejection, repentance, regret, anger, fear and all negative thought processes. It results in alleviating  stress-related health issues such as migraine, insomnia, eczema, high blood pressure, blood sugar etc. Yoga helps you have a quieter mind and gives you the boon of a longer and healthier life. Yoga also keeps you relaxed, regulates your breathing and controls your nervous system. It has a calming effect and restores mental composure.

Yoga lays the foundation of a healthy lifestyle

Yoga teaches to eat less and exercise more. It teaches constructive methods of controlling diet. A regular yoga practice gets you moving and burn calories.The spiritual and emotional dimensions of your practice may encourage you to address all your eating and weight problems at a deeper level. Practicing yoga on a daily basis helps get rid of many diseases such as infertility and faulty digestion.

Yoga helps improve concentration and focus

Yoga teaches people to focus on the present state of affairs. Researches have proven that regular practice of yoga improves coordination of body parts, quickens response time, improves memory and IQ and also keeps you alert. The ability to solve problems and remember and gather information as well as perform better without getting distracted improves.

The other beneficial impacts of yoga can be summarized as improved body balance and nervous system. With yoga, sleep deeper and strengthen your immune system. Improve lung functionality and increase your self-esteem. Yoga improves your inner strength and you can then connect to people better. Yoga thus serves as a catalyst in your relationship quotient. Find happiness in serving others and take better care of yourself with Yoga. Yoga will make you fall in love with your own self.

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