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Consistency Is The King For Your Health System's Supply Chain-How?

27 October, 2020 Surbhi Handa


India is a densely populated country which accounts for more than 135 crore. As it is an agricultural, less developed state, with fewer than 50% of the educated population. So it becomes the prime responsibility of the government to arrange the resources in the public’s interest. Our country can be called as an underdeveloped nation on account of medical facilities and that is the drawback so far. But we can successfully improve on this by simply following few points:

Less imports, least dependence - Sometimes it becomes tough for the doctors or pharmacists to import drugs on urgent basis and so the patient suffers. To avoid all this , we should encourage our expertise or scientist to make the availability of the drugs in India. This would be possible if we will have our own manufactures. This has made possible in India to some extent as many Indian pharmacies are selling off their drugs which are called Generic Drugs and products to different hospitals and patients to meet the requirements.

Hospitals with all the amenities - Increase in population does not mean the increment in resources. We have such a big population and sometimes it becomes quite impossible to provide resources to all and this directly affects the medical facility and its providers. Varieties of diseases and illnesses are prevailing in the society, like t.b, dengue , bp , sugar. Few are treatable, others require quick medical attention. For that, proper hospitals with all the amenities like hospitals at the reach of everyone, required number of beds, ventilators , oxygen cylinders, stretchers for all the patients should be made available.

Availability of medicines for all age groups - Different age groups require different guidance for dosage of medicines. If he is a toddler, then lesser amount of medicine should be given, on the other hand , if he is a middle aged man , then other different drugs are there in the market . Pharmacists and doctors are just needed to make all the drugs readily available in order to lessen the patient’s sufferings.

Guidance by pharmacists or doctors - Resources related to health must be made available not only in the form of medicines , hospitals, doctors or pharmacists but also in a form of medical advice like what and when to take medicines, their side effects , precautions , or whether the medicine for that illness is required or not. A sincere guidance would always build the customer’s or the patient’s trust towards doctors and pharmacists.

Medications available for all illnesses - There are varieties of available drugs in the market for number of illnesses. Different vaccines, injections are available for various outbreaks. It should be taken into consideration by the medical market that whenever the medicine is required, it should be made readily available 24*7 without any break. This would only be possible, if the supply of the resources are equivalent to demand by the market. They should also focus to make the medicines available for not just for one illness but for all the illnesses, diseases, to save the country and its people from any havoc.

Consistency in medical facility - Unavailability of the medical resources may lead to death to many. There are many deaths happen in India up till now because the resources like ambulances, oxygen cylinders , doctors , beds , operation theatres , proper medicines, etc were not supplied on time. Consistency in the supply chain of the healthcare system is mandatory to make our nation, a healthy one.

Healthcare system for one and all - Every person, whether rich or poor has equal right on the healthcare system. It should possibly be made available in a form that it is at everyone’s reach without any partiality. The cost of the healthcare facilities must be taken care of.

E-commerce plays an important role - Online supply of drugs are also helping the healthcare system to make the drugs available 24*7. Many pharmacy shops online are readily available for supplying the drugs these days related to health and wellness to the hospitals and general public, which are a main factor working for the consistency in the supply chain of health and care system. Online pharmacy in India are doing their best in providing medicines at the doorstep, making it convenient for every age group.


Supply chain of health system must be in continuation to meet all the ends related to public’s health and care. This would surely ask for efforts but in the long run, would benefit our state , our nation to the maximum. A supply chain is a network of retailers, distributors , transporters, and suppliers. The coordination amongst all is required to have the consistency at every step. Regular supply of the drugs in the market would also affect the cost of that drug, and hence is available for every kind of society.