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The Most Common Skin Conditions: Causes & Treatment

26 October, 2020 Surbhi Handa


Skin is the largest organ of a human body. It covers the whole body with a total area of 20 square feet. It has pores through which our skin breathes in and breathes out. It protects us from microbes, and also helps maintain the body temperature. It is made of 3 layers-Epidermis, Endodermis, & Hypodermis. The upper layer is called Epidermis which is responsible for our skin tone which is because of special cells called melanocytes. The layer below it is Endodermis, which contains hair follicles , tough connective tissues , and sweat glands.  And the layer below it is Hypodermis, which is made of fat. Between them are various nerves and veins through which blood flows. For any skin related medicine you can visit online pharmacy.

The Most Common Skin Conditions

1. Acne (Acne Vulgaris) - Around 85% of the population suffers from acne . It is a condition, when painful blisters like appear on the face . It is a because of a bacterial infection and sometimes hormonal change , clogged skin pores are the other causes.
Treatment - Hydration of the body , cleanse your body and face. Visit to a dermatologist if the disease doesn't get cure at home.

2. Rash - Any kind of skin discoloration or change in skin’s appearance forms rash. Rashes range from simple skin irritation to the severe medical conditions.
Treatment - Apply hydrocortisone cream, and consult the doctor in case of any emergency.

3. Dermatitis - It is a kind of inflammation of the skin. Atopic Dermatitis is a disease of inflamed skin which is one kind of Eczema.
Treatment - Moisturize your skin on daily basis, apply anti inflammatory.

4. Eczema - Eczema is the outcome of the over activity of the immune system. It results into itchy rashes and inflammation of skin.
Treatment - Doctors would prescribe few medicines like anti histamines , cetirizine , cortisone steroid cream to avoid itching or scaling, immune suppressants to suppress the over activity of immune system.

5. Psoriasis - An autoimmune condition means when the body’s immune system starts attacking the healthy cells. Psoriasis is one of a kind of auto immune condition that causes variety of skin rashes. Various forms of Psoriasis are silver scaly plaques on the skin.
Treatment - To avoid itchiness or discomfort of the patient , doctors would recommend to moisturize skin by applying cream or visit the dermatologist if anything gets serious.

6. Dandruff - A scaly or oily scalp which is also known as seborrheic dermatitis and is caused by psoriasis and eczema.
Treatment - Anti inflammatory , dandruff free, less oily shampoo will be advised to apply on scalp

7. Cellulitis - It is a kind of infection which results in inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. A red, warm and often painful skin rash is noticed.
Treatment -  Doctors would most probably prescribe you antibiotics for a week or two and also the pain reliever. If the condition doesn’t improve within 3 days or get worse . then consult a doctor.

8. Rosacea - This skin condition causes a red rash on the face and so we often misunderstand it to be an acne as it looks like one.
Treatment - keep a note of the food that you intake . Also avoid applying cosmetics on face or else it will worsen the disease. Avoid sun rays directly on face . consult a doctor for the better and faster treatment.

9. Melanoma - It is a skin cancer that results from the excessive intake of harmful UV rays and other causes.
Treatment -The growth would probably be removed by the surgeon.

10. Basal cell carcinoma - It is the skin cancer which is the most common type and less dangerous than melanoma as it spreads gradually.
Treatment - Treatment involves removal of the growth by surgery.

11. Herpes - It is a condition which is caused by viruses HSV1 and HSV2. It causes skin irritation and bristles around lips and genitals.
Treatment - Few home remedies for its treatment are dabbing cornstarch on to the injury, apply aleovera gel. Taking pain relievers , bathing in salt water, wear loose clothes to avoid irritation etc.

12. Hives - This usually occurs due to an allergic reaction when you have engulfed or encountered something. When you have an allergic reaction your body releases a substance or chemical in blood called histamine. It is the chemical that fight against infection. This results in red, itchy patches on the skin that appears suddenly.
Treatment - Patients with mild hives does not require any treatment. Doctors would advice some antihistamines drugs. It is also recommended to avoid hot water bath as it may worsen hives. Take cold water bath with baking soda.


Skin is an important and largest organ of the human body. It should properly be taken care off. And if any skin issues arise , then either take proper medicine after the correct diagnose or visit doctor. There are various online pharmacy shops like 3meds are there which provide you with the best treatments and medicines.