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How To Maintain Hygiene Outside Our Homes?

23 October, 2020 Shreya Syal


It is not only important to stay safe at our homes, but we should also know how to stay safe outside our home. As we have been staying at our homes a lot, we find it convenient to stay inside our homes, rather than facing outside struggles. We are not familiar with the concept of how to stay safe outside. We need to adopt certain measures so we can be safe and healthy outside too. Some people do not take these precautions and measures seriously and land themselves in big troubles especially in this pandemic. They are not only being careless towards their health but are also a threat to other people.

How Can We Be Safe Outside?
Widespread misinformation about the virus puts everyone at risk and adds to the stress of having to filter fact from fiction. The virus is spread mainly when the nasal drops of an infected person(generated through coughing, sneezing, talking, singing) get into the mouth, nose, or eyes of people who are nearby. People become infected by touching their mouth, nose, or eyes of people who are nearby.

1. Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose, and eyes after coming from outside and before washing your hands. Have a bath and wash your clothes after coming from outsides. You can also keep your mask and throw away your gloves.

2. While going outside take hand sanitizer with you, wear masks and gloves, you can also wear a sheet mask to prevent the microbes enter into your eyes.

3. While going outside if you buy some things like vegetables, medicines make sure it is not touched by many people except the person giving it. You should wash the vegetables and sanitize the products. You can buy medicines online if you don't want to risk your health.

4. Avoid eating food from outside, because it may not be prepared hygienically, you can also prevent buying groceries directly from outside, instead, you can order groceries through online apps.

5. You should maintain a distance of at least 3 feet from people outside your household.

6. Keep washing your hands regularly after 2 hours, even after sneezing and coughing, or while removing your fabric masks. Wash your hands for 20 to 30 seconds and use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

7. Medicines are a vital part of our life, we need them to maintain our health and as a precaution too. We can order medicines online from the best online medical store. We can avail of the benefits of home deliveries and online offers.

8 . Dispose of away extra packaging products like poly and cloth bags in which you bring your necessities as they may carry germs, and may be risky for you and your family members. As you cannot wash poly bags or sanitize them.

9. Keep your pets clean as when you take them for a walk, they may catch infections, bacteria, and some other infection-causing germs. Always wash their paws and especially the area near their nose, because they smell everything outside. Give them a bath every week.

10. You should keep sanitizer spray outside your house, so people visiting your house can use it. It will prevent the germs from causing infections and further risks, they may bring from outside

11. Use strong disinfectants to clean the floors of your house, you can also clean your taps, door handles, and the devices you use regularly with your sanitizers often.

12. Whenever you buy anything from outside, make sure the shopkeeper has worn gloves, or he is sanitizing your product in front of you just to be extra sure.

Conclusion :

This time is crucial for everyone and thereby it is important to maintain our health and safety in whichever possible way we can. We can take help of the best online delivery apps if we want to avoid risking our health outside. You can also help those who do not have the guidance of how to order online and how to maintain safety outside. You should also carry extra masks and gloves, just in case and a sanitizer is a must.