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How to Buy Genuine Medicines from Online Pharmacy?

19 October, 2020 Kritika Tak


Progression is taking place, as now we can buy medicines too from online pharmacies. It has definitely, subdued our labor and time in many ways, especially by saving us from those uncountable trips to medical stores. But, on the flip side, it has opened its own of Pandora's box. Unlike buying clothes, shoes, or any accessories buying medicines online is risky and even dangerous, as there are numerous fraudulent online medical stores, selling fake and unsafe medication in the market. These online sites play smart by hiding all the glitches and are conducting unfair trade practices, even after knowing it's hazardous for the consumers.  

So, what signs one should look for before clicking on "buy genuine medicines online"?

Things one can visually detect and differentiate:

To make sure you are buying genuine medicines, you should check the following things -

  • Analyzing the packaging of the product with what the site is offering.
  • Look out for the brand logo. 
  • Comparing the size of the product with the original one.
  • Matching the color of the pill, if it has that kind of packaging. 
  • Check if there are any spelling errors in the product's name. 

Things to contemplate before buying:

Apart from the physical features, there are several pointers that will help you in figuring out whether the product is fake or 100% genuine.

3MEDS being an online pharmaceutical company itself and healthcare service provider in India brings forth these indicators - 

  • Check the brand name before buying
  • When asked for prescribed medication
  • Go for licensed pharmacies.
  • Watch out for all the sales and their types.
  • Take time and read consumer reviews.
  • Prefer trusted sites, and not the foreign ones

Check the brand name before buying:

Reading the brand name of a medicine is the first thing one should do. Go for recognized brand names and companies while buying online. Make sure you have checked all the visual prerequisites, as mentioned above. And if then also you are not satisfied, then it's better to visit another site. 

When asked for prescribed medication:

There is a mandatory procedure that all e-pharmacies ought to follow, before handing over medicines to its consumers, especially those which require a doctor's approval. They'll surely ask for a prescription, if that particular site is letting you buy all sorts of medication without even asking for it, then it's better to go to another online medical e-store. As, you don't want to risk your health by buying products from such e-pharmacies, whose signal agenda is of minting money. Only OTC (over-the-counter) medicines are exceptions in this case, and if yours are about to go out of stock, then download the 3MEDS app and order prescription drugs online in Delhi. 

Go for licensed pharmacies:

Ordering one's medicines from a licensed e-pharmacy is the sure-shot way of buying genuine products. This way, you no longer have to worry about the quality of the products, neither the brand authenticity nor the side effects of the medicines.

Watch out for all the sales and its types:

Take notice of how the concerned pharmaceutical company is trying to sell their products. A genuine e-company won't exaggerate on those marketing gimmicks, nor will try and put up huge sales signs. Yeah, discount offerings are made by them but putting up a lot of pop-up sales ads, isn't for medicine companies. After all, one buy medicines only when it's needed, and e-pharmacies don't go over the top to lure its customers. 

Take time and read consumers reviews:

Reading reviews and experiences of earlier customers is another way of figuring out the authenticity of that particular e-pharmacy. Medicines, being a necessity product, don't need that much hype, so go for those reviews which mainly describe -the quality of the products and the timing of delivery. Be aware of exaggeration in this case as well and those flowery reviews because there are chances that it might be fake, and just another way to lure consumers to purchasing its bogus products. 

Prefer trusted sites, and not the foreign ones:

Buying medicines online is entirely different than buying clothes, as one can't be flexible in their choices, nor one can try and experiment with new options presented by online stores. You should decide and stick to a recognized e-pharmacy, where chances of buying genuine products are more. And in case you can't find your desired medication, then prefer those sites which are licensed like 3MEDS, rather than buying from some foreign e-company.


Don't be fooled by such fake e-pharmacies and its scams. After all, we take medicines to get better, not to fall sick. Going for a licensed brand should be your first and foremost priority like - 3MEDS, which is serving the nation by providing the best healthcare services plus following all the laws of the government. According to 3MEDS "taking care of your health is our duty", and as we all know - health is wealth.