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10 Healthy Eating Rules From a Nutritionist

02 July, 2020

While we are socially isolating ourselves surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to take care of our health. Staying sedentary and unaware of our physical and mental health is highly detrimental to our body and mind. We need to ensure that our body and immune system are in shape because a healthy body is the best defense against a COVID-19 infection. While staying at home and taking care of physical health and use the best medicine delivery app in India to stay healthy.

Here are 10 eating rules from an expert nutritionist you can follow to restore your body's health during these unprecedented times.



1.Concentrate on what goes on your plate

Most of us often struggle to adhere to a diet, but one easy way to do so is to concentrate on what gets served on your plate. With coronavirus, locking us behind our doors you might find it hard to stick to a diet as we often find ourselves relying on processed and packaged food rather than cooking.


2. Eat more homemade meals

Eating more home-cooked meals increases our likelihood of a higher-quality diet that helps us to stay fit. So it's important to gravitate towards healthy options that make nutritious cooking easier while skipping the meals in a box loaded with preservatives, hidden calories, sugar etc.


3. Say yes to more protein

Protein is a big player in weight loss because not only do protein foods take longer to digest so they keep you satiated for longer, there's the added bonus that protein burns more calories than other food groups when it's being digested but this isn't the carte blanche to eat anything. Too much of anything will eventually lead to weight gain.


4. Hydrate before eating

Plenty of plain water should be taken before meals in order to stay hydrated. Drinking water before eating supports the proper movement of digested food. Also, it's important to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water regularly to help yourself keep fit and well. 


5. Avoid such food that might cause indigestion.

Difficult to digest carbohydrates and sugar must be replaced by those which are easier to digest. For example, avoid fried foods as they increase digestion time, remove wheat or potatoes with rice, swapping carbonated beverages for water, and eating moderate fibrous food. Avoiding milk if you're lactose intolerant.


6. Eat a well-balanced breakfast

An ideal breakfast blended with all-round nutrition is important for a great start. Sufficient amounts of protein along with whole grains, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats all fit into a healthy breakfast. Hence 3MEDS, the best online pharmacy suggests that everybody must take a wholesome breakfast to stay healthy.


7. Do not starve

The strategy is not only limiting unhealthy eating habits but also indulging in healthy ones. One such unhealthy habit is starving which leads to overindulgence and setting up an entire midnight binge. So it's very important


8. Eat Smaller meals throughout the day

Eating smaller meals instead of three large meals throughout the day is important to maintain blood sugar levels in the body and consistency in our digestive pattern.


9. Plan ahead your grocery needs

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not knowing what they need and instead of browsing the aisles for things one might want to eat without looking at the ingredients. Hence it's important to go in with a list and bring home some fresh and healthy produce, dairy, fish, and meat.


10. Enjoy what you eat

It's often seen that healthy eating and enjoyment are mutually exclusive and often seen as a regulation one needs to bind to. But it's necessary that the dietary choices we make should be long term and something relishing as well as nourishing.



The takeaway-

Maintaining a fit and active daily regime isn’t easy. It’s not something you get into once and forget about. It requires an immense amount of patience, acceptance, discipline, hard work, and years of everyday life.In times, where the entire world is behind household bars, getting active and staying fit need a great deal of endurance. We have to promise ourselves to not bow down to apathy or disinterest or lethargy and try our best to stay fit and active. So stay at home and Buy Medicines and Healthcare Products Online from the 24hour medicine home delivery app