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Depression Is Real, Seek Medical Help Without Further Delay

01 July, 2020 Arpita Karmakar

What is Depression?

Classified as a mood disorder, depression can be described as a group of conditions associated with a feeling of sadness, loss, anger, loss of interest, etc interfering with a person's day to day activities. Data suggests that around 450 million people currently suffer from depressive disorders worldwide. India's study reveals that almost one in every 20 Indians suffers from depression.


What are the types of depression?

Few of the most common types of depression underlined by the best online pharmacy in India are-

  1. Major depressive disorder (MDD) - the term clinical depression that we commonly use is basically MDD.
  2. Persistent depressive disorder (PDD) - people with chronic depression lasting for about a year.
  3. Bipolar disorder- is characterized by abnormally elevated mood disorders.
  4. Postpartum Depression (PPD) - significant hormonal changes during pregnancy that often affect a woman's mood.
  5. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) - fatigue, aches, anxiety, increased appetite and food cravings, breast tenderness, etc caused due to menstruation or menopause.
  6. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) - triggered due to seasonal variation, usually by a disturbance in the normal circadian rhythm of our body.
  7. Atypical Depression - that type of depression that doesn't follow the "typical" presentation of the disorder.


How to know if someone is in depression?

Apart from serious mood swings, depression can bring about a number of different signs and symptoms among people-

  1. Loss of interest in activities.
  2. Increased fatigue and sleep disorder.
  3. Nervousness, anxiety, and rapid heart rate.
  4. Sudden change in appetite.
  5. The outburst of emotions.
  6. Suicidal tendencies.
  7. Self-loathing and reckless behavior.
  8. Unexplained aches and pain.
  9. Unintentional weight loss or gain.
  10. Changes in sleeping patterns.


What causes depression among people?

Depression ranges from biological to circumstantial causes among people-

  1. A family history of depressive disorders makes a person more prone to the disease.
  2. If the frontal lobe of the brain is less active, there's a greater chance of depression.
  3. Chronic illnesses like insomnia, pain or ADHD, etc puts a person at higher risk.
  4. A history of excessive drug or alcohol intake can cause depression.
  5. Any childhood trauma or injury affects the way the body reacts to stressful situations.
  6. A number of events like low self-esteem, economic or financial conditions, personal loss, chronic illnesses etc


What are the possible treatments for depression?

There is no single test to diagnose depression. But there is a combination of treatments and lifestyle changes to help improve and manage the symptoms.

  1. Medication as prescribed by the doctor like antidepressants, anti-anxiety medicines to treat depressive episodes. You can buy all the necessary medicines and healthcare products at a discounted rate from the 24 hours of medicine home delivery app.
  2. Visiting a therapist or getting therapy sessions to help cope with negative feelings.
  3. The depressive disorder with seasonal patterns can be regulated by exposure to doses of white light, known as phototherapy.
  4. Endorphins are the hormones produced in our body to help one deal with stress and reduce feelings of pain. A 30 minutes of steady physical activity increases our body's production of Endorphins.
  5. Excessive drugs or alcohol intake make depression and anxiety symptoms worse. So it's important to limit alcohol and drug use.
  6. Symptoms of mild to moderate depression can be treated using a proper lifestyle like a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, participating in activities, etc.
  7. In case medication and lifestyle changes, These include electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), or repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) to treat depression and improve your mood.
  8. There are a number of antidepressant supplements available to ease the symptoms of depression.
  9. There are a number of support groups that allow people to talk to others who go through similar kinds of situations and can understand their problems by reducing the feeling of isolation and hopelessness.


When and why is it important to seek immediate medical help?

It's important to know that depression is more than just feeling 'blue', depression is real and is a serious concern and must be sought immediate medical help without any further delay. The sooner a person gets help, the better it is for the recovery.

It's important to consult a therapist in case

-A person feels extremely overwhelmed and sad.

-If depressive episodes continue for a prolonged time.

-The feeling is adversely affecting social, physical, or emotional health.

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