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Top 10 Yoga Poses For A Better Life

10 October, 2020 Pooja Kumari

Yoga is Extremely Beneficial for your physical as well as mental health. In the beginning, you may not do it for hours but try to start with 10 to 15 minutes and gradually you will be able to increase the time limit as your body gets habituated. You can start with 2 to 3 times a week and then go beyond that according to your body. You will feel hard to do it at the beginning but try not to give up. Always think why did you start? Did you start it to stop or for the results? Try to keep yourself motivated.

Yoga postures help your muscles to keep flexible and keep you young. It will help you feel more energetic throughout the day and boosts your memory power.

In this article, you will find the top 10 yoga poses with which you can begin your yoga journey.

1.Boat pose (Naukasana)

The pose ‘Naukasana’ comes from two words Nauka which mean boat and Asana which means posture or seat. In this posture, the body pose signifies the shape of a boat and it helps to achieve good digestion and reduces belly fat. For this asana keep your hands on tighs or next to the floor and toes pointing upwards. Also, it strengthens the abdomen as well as leg muscles say 3MEDS, an online chemist shop.

2.Mountain pose (Tadasana)

Here the word ‘Tara’ means mountain. This asana improves focus and concentration. In this pose, one has to stand with majestic steadiness like a mountain in which you have to stand with feet together and hip-width apart. Try to balance your whole body weight on your feet by gently lifting and spreading your toes and then your toes and feet gently on the floor. You can also raise your hand and stretch them for better results.

3.Downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Asana)

It is a highly remunerative yoga practice that is practiced in almost every yoga session. It stretches and strengthens the entire body as well as build strength in the shoulder. For achieving this pose come down on all your fours (hands and feet) and then stretch your whole body while keeping the hips back and knees under your hips. Hold this position for 5-8 breathing.

4.Upward facing dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana)

The upward-facing dog is a very powerful pose to awaken your upper body and helps to strengthen and offers a wonderful stretch for the chest and abdomen.

Lie on your stomach and then stretch your legs back with the top of your feet touching the ground or mat. Spread your palms on the mat, straighten your arm and gradually lift your chest up.

5.Bridge pose (Setubandhasana)

Bridge pose acts as a bridge, it bridges the gap between the body and the mind. It helps you to stretch the front body as well as the back body.

Lie comfortably on your back and place your hip and feet width apart. Then lift up your butt and press the shoulder toward the floor. For best results repeat this posture for two to three times.

6.Triangle (Trikonasana)

It is a standing posture that is beneficial for the side of your waist, lungs, strengthens the legs, and tone your entire body.

For this pose stand with your feet apart and stretch the right foot by 90 degrees and keep the torso closer to the leg. Balance your body weight on both the feet by pressing both feet toward the floor. Keep your right hand on your ankle and stretch your left arm toward the ceiling. Inhale and cone on rest and then repeat the position on the other side.

7.Warrior I (Virabhadrasana)

If you want to build your stamina and strength, then Warrior I is key for you. It builds strength, especially in the entire lower body.

First, stand in tadasana pose and then slightly keep your feet apart and then raise your arms perpendicular to the floor. Then exhale and bend your knee over the right ankle so that the shin is perpendicular to the floor.

Release the arms with an exhalation while turning the feet forward. Take a few breaths and repeat the pose with other foot for the same length.

8.Tree pose (Vrikshasana)

Tree pose asana helps you to improve balancing and strengthens your legs and back. It replicates the steadiness of trees.

For this pose, you have to place the sole of your right foot on the left thigh and this foot should be placed firmly and flat. The keep yourself straight and balanced. Inhale and raise your arms over the head with bringing the palms together. Keep your spine straight and by slowly exhaling bring down your hands and foot. Relax and then repeat the same with the other foot.

9.Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)

For the strengthening of lower back muscle, spine flexibility and weight loss this yoga can proceed.

For the asana lie on your stomach keeping your feet together and toes flat. Place your hands below your shoulder and slightly lift your waist. Raise your head while inhaling, keep your elbows straight while ensuring you are putting equal pressure on both the palms and then exhale and come back to the ground in resting position.

10.Corpse pose (Shavasana)

3MEDS, India’s best online pharmacy shop says that spending a few minutes in a corpse pose helps you to absorb the benefit of your practice before going on with the day. Lie down and stare toward the ceiling for some moment. It helps your body to release stress and improves your sense of physical as well as emotional well-being. After that breathe and then you can move freely.


In the beginning, you may feel irritated or tired with the yoga poses but try to not give up. You will start seeing the results after 12 weeks that is 3 months. You can start it by doing for 10 to 15 minutes and then increase the time frame. The breathing process is very important during yoga. Don’t forget to inhale and exhale properly while doing yoga. Be positive be healthy.