What and Why 3MEDS?

27 June, 2020 Arpita Karmakar

What is 3MEDS?

3MEDS is a reputed online pharmacy that operates over the internet and provides customers with medicines at their doorsteps via secured online transactions and through an online web portal and application.


The 3MEDS App is free of cost over Play Store which is an easy to navigate and reliable application where medicines can be ordered by a few clicks.

Along with that, it has its web portal 3MEDS.com,  that can also be used to purchase medicines.


Why is 3MEDS the best healthcare application?

The best online health care application provided by 3MEDS is committed to providing secure, reliable, and affordable medicines through just a few clicks.

We offer a superior online shopping experience with safe and customer friendly navigation. We are committed to providing a customer service philosophy that is worthy of the valued customers’ loyalty.


We provide a hassle-free delivery from verified and licensed pharmacies cross-checking every individual medicine. We are accredited with Online Quality Certification which guarantees the quality of the drugs being sold by us.


Any payment done via our app or site is encrypted and kept safe from fraudsters. We take the sole responsibility of ensuring that payment details are stored safely via an intelligence team to keep customer information confidential.


Not only delivery, but we also let nearby pharmacies help each other and retain their clients in a convenient manner acting as an intermediate between the consumer and the licensed pharmacies


We deliver products with fresh manufacturing dates and at least 3 months of expiry remaining.


We follow a standard delivery time of 3-5 business days with 24x7 operational hours.


Along with all these 3MEDS is the price advisor of cancer medicines in India and is committed to providing safe, reliable, and affordable medicines rates. Order 100% genuine medicines and health care products at a 23% discount rate.


What are the benefits of ordering from online pharmacies like 3MEDS?

The most important benefit of choosing an online pharmacy over a local one is the price factor. Their prices are typically lower than the ones available at local stores.

The second benefit is the convenience of the online pharmacies. You can have all your necessary medicines delivered right at your doorstep.


There is no need to rush to the local pharmacy during business hours.


With COVID-19 pandemic circulating around and Government's s strict instructions to stay at home, there's no need to wait in long queues compromising our health.


Online pharmacies provide easier medication adherence to people with multiple prescriptions.


They provide greater medicinal accuracy along with a premium level of availability of medicines.


Overall, the benefits of an online pharmacy are far more as compared to a local store.



How to buy medicines safely online from 3MEDS?

A person who wants to buy medicines online in a hassle-free and cost-effective way can download the 3MEDS Application, which is available free of cost over the Play Store. After downloading the app subscribing to it is important as this would entitle to many more benefits.

Also, the best medicine store home delivery in India has its own web portal that can be used to purchase medicines in a safe, affordable, and secure way.



The bottom line-


Internet pharmacies offer an affordable and reliable way to obtain prescription medicines and are frequently used by customers. Unfortunately, only about 4% of online pharmacies meet the legalities and are actually legal and licensed. Dishonest pharmacies often allow us to purchase medicines without a prescription and with swindling offers but what they provide are most likely to be fake, expired, or contaminated. And hence it's important to buy genuine medicines from reputable online pharmacies like 3MEDS who are committed to providing safe and reliable medicines at your doorstep.