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The calcium deficiency disease and its causes?

26 June, 2020

Calcium Deficiency in the body is also referred to as Hypocalcemia. It is a condition where there are lower than the average level of calcium in the blood or specifically plasma.

The deficiency of calcium might not show early symptoms but at the later stage white patches on the face begin to show. It is however advisable to go for regular check-ups to detect any health problem at an early stage.


  1. Frequent infections
  2. Anxiety, stress, depression
  3. Intense exercises
  4. Vitamin D deficient diet
  5. Kidney or heart disease
  6. Increasing age

Are few of the reasons because of the calcium deficiency in the body?

Symptoms of Calcium deficiency:

  • Muscles and bone problems:

Muscle pain or bone pain becomes very frequent. The bone gets hollow because of the lack of calcium in them. In extreme cases walking and lifting becomes a usual effort for the body. Pain in the thighs and arms or tingling effects in hands, legs, or around mouth points at the deficiency of calcium.

  • Tiredness and fatigue:

Due to the lack of calcium, one gets easily tired and fatigued. Sleeplessness and lack of energy are also very common signs and symptoms for the same. Also, due to fatigue, dizziness, and headaches are also experienced.

  • Nail, Skin, and hair:

The white patches appear on the skin or one the nails. The skin becomes dry and itchy. The nails get easily broken and takes longer to grow. It also causes hair fall or the appearance of white hair.

  • Mineral density of bone:

Our bones are made up of Calcium and vitamin D. Deficiency of anyone causes a severe effect on the health of the bone. Lack of calcium lowers the mineral density of the bones making them more prone to easily getting fractures. It causes a hollow feeling pain in the bones.

  • Dental problems:

Like bones, our teeth also require calcium to stay strong. Without the efficient amount of calcium, it may result in swollen and bleeding gums, teeth decay, or brittle teeth.


On showing up any of these signs and symptoms, one must immediately consult a doctor.

Include the calcium-rich diet in your routine. Some calcium-rich foods are:

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, all the dairy foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, tofu, nuts like almonds or soy milk, beans, etc.

However, it is best to consult a doctor because too much calcium is not good for heart and kidney health.

Few medicines:

Many chemists and online websites like 3meds.com helps in providing the calcium medicines. It is always recommended to show the prescription before buying any one of the medicines. Few medicines rich with calcium carbonate, calcium gluconate, vitamin D2, Rocaltrol, calciferol, calcidiol, calci-chew, etc. are used as its medication.