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Online Apps: An Exciting Online Pharma Option

30 September, 2020 Deepika Chakraborty


Every minute, a new online app is being launched. The development of the mobile phone industry has played a big role in the app revolution. A greater part of the Indian population is now using smartphones on a regular basis. For generations of people who are glued to their smartphones for hours, developing a mobile online app is an exciting business prospect. 

An online app not only has found its place in the entertainment or technological sector but it is also impacting the pharmaceutical sector in a big way. A person can now get a doctor's appointment, get their test reports, or buy medicines online using an app.

Online Solutions:

The Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the greatest tragedies in modern times. With lives and livelihoods lost, it is the best time to forward to be self-reliant, and online business solutions present a unique set of opportunities that are both timely and relevant. The growth of E-commerce in India has increased exponentially and the pandemic has a great role in it as people are looking forward to online solutions as they not only cater to their needs but also help them maintain social distance. Many companies are working virtually and most of them have given their employees work-from-home facilities. Even in the pharma industry, many pharma companies have transitioned from a traditional business model to an online model. These companies are not only surviving but also thriving in these difficult times. However, the same cannot be said for those who are still using a traditional business. Online pharma companies are taking advantage of this situation and are getting new clientele. Catching up with the trend, many brick-and-mortar pharmacies are also transitioning and are looking forward to an online solution for their businesses. 

Online Pharmacy Apps:

Online Pharmacies a great business model. They are not only helping people maintain a social distance but also are providing prescription-based medicines (except scheduled X medicines. In return, they are earning a decent profit at a low investment rate. The app-building investment can be considered as a one-time investment that provides good returns in the longer-term. 3MEDs is a great example of how an online app can be beneficial for the growth of an online business. 3MEDs is a Delhi-based online pharmacy app owned and operated by "Nitsa Advisor." It was launched in the year 2020 and has been declared as the no. 1 online pharmacy in India, promising a 100 percent guarantee on its medicines and medical essentials. Now the customers in Delhi can avail of medical facilities of their requirements from the comfort of their homes. Online pharmacies come under fire and are often accused of selling scheduled medicines to their customers without proper prescription. To counter this, 3MEDs has made it mandatory for its customers to upload proper prescription of the requested medicines prior to their purchase online.

Developing an App:

The pharma industry in India contributes around 30 billion US dollars per annum to the national GDP and is estimated to reach around 60 billion dollars by the end of 2023 by industry experts. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi announced at the UNGA 2020 that India is the largest supplier of vaccines and even if India is not given a permanent seat at the UNSC, it will keep supplying medicines to various countries as a humanitarian gesture. The pharma business is booming in the country and India is set to become a pharmaceutical superpower. Hence, investing in the pharma sector is a wise business choice. Few points must be kept in mind while developing a pharmacy app:

1) Lifespan of an App:
The lifespan of a mobile depends on the user experience. The customers may use the app long-term or they might uninstall it once their requirement is fulfilled.

2) Trust Issues:
According to a Deloitte study, pharmacy apps are trusted by a low percentage of users in comparison to the apps developed by the patient communities. Thus, it becomes important for the app developing company to partner with pharmacies who are regarded as very reliable by the customers.

3) Drug Information:
A pharma app should provide all the information related to a medication, i.e., drug composition, shelf-life, expiry date, side-effects, etc.

4) Customer Care Services:
The app in development should have necessary sections for customer queries and information. These services should be made hassle-free for a unique customer satisfaction experience.  

5) Prescription Upload Feature:
In India, it is now mandatory for the consumers to upload prescription for purchasing medicines online. While developing an app, a company must ensure that features to upload prescription must be present on the app to adhere to the government regulations.


The best way to grow the pharmacy or any business, in general, is to interact and try to understand a customer's needs and aspirations. It is always important to follow one basic rule "Customer is King. "Going online has become a key aspect for successful business operation in the present-day scenario. With the internet revolution in the country and people's accessibility to mobile-based internet has increased considerably. This scenario presents a big opportunity for online app development to reach new customers, gain clientele, and earn a handsome profit. The coronavirus pandemic has illustrated the importance of online apps. Online apps are a new pharma avenue that companies must exploit to increase the business volume.