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Digital Transformation is a Reality in the Healthcare Industry?

26 June, 2020 Prachi Chhabra

Digital transformation means bringing on digital changes to the business sector, just like all the sectors, the healthcare industry has also adopted digital transformation. This can be seen as the usage of technology has been changed and advanced for the treatments in the healthcare sector. Like the diagnostic machines, equipment used, technology in terms of treatment given. Digital transformation also ease our work and life, in the healthcare sector, it has made our life easier.

So 3meds- Best Medicine store online in India going to tell you certain positive sides of digital transformation in the healthcare industry, how we can make use of it in our daily life.

Changes made digitally- 

1- Own schedule appointment-

Earlier you had to visit, wait in long queues for the doctor, but now you can confirm on call will the doctor would be available on a particular day or not. Is he or she in the clinic or not. Also, we can make an on-call appointment in advance. No need to visit and see if the doctor is available or not. Make a simple call in the prior notice. 

2- Special Applications-

We have special applications like in watch for heartbeat checking, our footsteps recorder, water reminder, weight looser, helps you record your weight, blood pressure recorder etc. So no need for paper recording goes simple digital records 24into 7 available with you in your phone. Also, there are special applications for females for periods tracker help you know about your periods, ovulation date and monthly cycle details. Contact the doctor online for any sort of advice or symptoms you want to share. So all these help you personally and it's a unique way for the betterment of health. As if you forget to drink water on the time you have your personal assistant to tell you.

3- Importance of big data in healthcare-

Today we can collect, read, and share healthcare data easily using the internet. Just the way we can go through on the number of COVID-19 cases in India, as well as in the world, similarly, we can read on any data for any health issue, any health care products manufacturing company, etc. we can read on updates on health care industry in any way out.

4- Treating patients with virtual reality-

Today we can see that there is an online doctor's application, were you can chat and tell the symptoms to the doctor, also we have Whatsapp where we can contact to our doctors and share our reports. This has helped us a lot during this pandemic, as we can virtually be in contact with our doctor. This helped a lot as any serious patient, in case of cancer or any other disease no need to visit the doctor under pandemic, just contact on call.

5- Online medicines store-

This is another helpful transformation, imagine you are in one corner of the world, your mother requires certain medicines, can't move out, especially during a pandemic, as elders are not allowed to move. So you can place an order for her medicines from anywhere in a simple way using the online pharmacy web portal or playstore application too. They will deliver you all the required medicines and healthcare products in no time, there is no worry to move out or to pay, you can pay online also.

6- Predictive healthcare-

If we relate this to today’s time then everyone are saying that vaccine would come by late 2020 or early 2021 for COVID-19 so this is the prediction made by research, data collected and trials made through a vaccine. Although how much true it is would be known by the time, surely we can predict, this can be positive news for the whole world. 

7- Better records-

We can maintain records without any paper storage, in our desktop. We can maintain each and every patient's record. This helps all the hospitals and private clinics to deal with regular patients. 

Health in the palm of your hand

We can say that through technology development, there has been advancement in the health care industry, today in the 21st century, health is in our hands. As we are 24into 7 connected up with our doctors on call and virtually through the internet, have medical stores24-hour medicine home delivery in Delhi and all over India.