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Scurvy - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

17 September, 2020 Swathy Satheesh

Scurvy is also called extreme nutrient C inadequacy.

Nutrient C or ascorbic acid is a basic dietary supplement. It assumes a job in the turn of events and working of a few real structures and cycles, including:

The best possible development of collagen, the protein that helps give the body's connective tissues structure and security

  • cholesterol and protein digestion
  • iron retention
  • cell reinforcement activity
  • wound recuperating
  • production of synapses like dopamine and epinephrine

Symptoms of Scurvy

Vitamin C is an important supplement that enables the body to ingest iron and produce collagen.

In the event that the body doesn't create enough collagen, tissues will begin to separate.

It is additionally required for combining dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and carnitine, required for vitality creation.

Side effects of nutrient C lack can begin to show up following 8 to 12 weeks. Early signs incorporate lost craving, weight reduction, weakness, crabbiness, and dormancy.

Inside 1 to 3 months, there might be indications of:

  • anaemia
  • myalgia, or agony, including bone torment
  • inflammation, or oedema
  • petechiae, or little red spots coming about because of seeping under the skin
  • wine tool hairs
  • gum infection and loss of teeth
  • helpless injury mending
  • windedness
  • temperament changes, and depression

In time, the individual will give indications of summed up oedema, extreme jaundice, the decimation of red platelets, known as hemolysis, unexpected and unconstrained dying, neuropathy, fever, and seizures. It very well may be deadly.

Babies with scurvy will get on edge and touchy. They may encounter torment that makes them expect a frog-leg pose for comfort.

There may likewise, be a subperiosteal drain, a kind of draining that happens at the finishes of the long bones.

Creature considers have demonstrated that nutrient C insufficiency in a lady during pregnancy can prompt issues with fetal mental development.

Causes of Scurvy

The fundamental cause is a lacking admission of Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. That implies you need to devour the entirety of the Vitamin C your body needs through food or drinks, or by taking an enhancement.

Risk factors

People can't incorporate Vitamin C. It needs to originate from outer sources, particularly products of the soil, or invigorated nourishments.

An inadequacy may result from:

  • a less than stellar eating routine ailing in new leafy foods, conceivably because of low pay or starvation
  • sicknesses, for example, anorexia and other emotional wellness issues
  • prohibitive weight control plans, because of hypersensitivities, trouble orally ingesting nourishments, or different reasons
  • more established age
  • over the top utilization of liquor or utilization of illicit medications

Late or fruitless weaning of babies can likewise prompt scurvy.

Conditions, medicines, or propensities that lessen the body's capacity to assimilate supplements, for example, Crohn's malady, ulcerative colitis, chemotherapy, and smoking, increment the danger.

Diagnosis of Scurvy

In the event that you speculate you have scurvy, your physician will pose inquiries about your dietary history, check for indications of the condition, and request a blood test. The blood test will be utilized to check the degrees of nutrient C in your blood serum. For the most part, individuals with scurvy have blood serum levels of nutrient C under 11 µmol/L.

 Treatment of Scurvy 

Treatment includes regulating nutrient C supplements by mouth or by infusion.

The suggested dosage is:

  • 1 to 2 grams (g) every day for 2 to 3 days
  • 500 milligrams (mg) for the following 7 days
  • for 1 to 3 months - 100 mg

Inside 24 hours, patients can plan to see an improvement in shortcoming, lethargy, torture, anorexia, and confusion. Injuring, kicking the bucket, and weakness start to decide inside 1 to around fourteen days.

Following 3 months, a total recuperation is conceivable. Long stretch effects are implausible, besides because of extraordinary dental damage.


Scurvy can be forestalled by expending enough nutrient C, ideally in the eating regimen, however here and there as an enhancement.

The best online pharmacy in Delhi, advise the following intake of vitamin C:

As long as a half year: 40 mg, as regularly provided however breastfeeding

  • 7 to a year: 50 mg
  • 1 to 3 years: 15 mg
  • 4 to 8 years: 25 mg
  • 9 to 13 years: 45 mg
  • 14 to 18 years: 75 mg for men and 65 mg for ladies
  • 19 years or more: 90 mg for men, 75 mg and ladies

During pregnancy, ladies ought to devour 85 mg of nutrient C, ascending to 120 mg while breastfeeding.

Smokers need 35 mg more than non-smokers consistently.

Food sources

Nourishments that contain nutrient C include:

  • natural products, for example, oranges, lemons, strawberries, blackberries, guava, kiwi natural product, and papaya
  • vegetables, particularly tomatoes, carrots, chime peppers, broccoli, potatoes, cabbage, and spinach

Other great sources are paprika, liver, and shellfish

One medium orange contains 70 mg of nutrient C, and a green chime pepper contains 60 mg.

Ascorbic corrosive can be annihilated by heat and during stockpiling, so new, crude products of the soil offer the best gracefully.

Vitamin C supplements are likewise accessible to buy in wellbeing food stores or on the web through the best online pharmacy store in Delhi.


Scurvy is brought about by an interminable Vitamin C insufficiency. Most cases:

  • are mellow
  • create in individuals with uneven eating regimens
  • are effectively treatable with dietary changes or supplement use

Left untreated, constant scurvy can cause genuine wellbeing inconveniences.

There's no particular restorative portion set for nutrient C. The suggested every day recompense for a great many people ranges somewhere in the range of 75 and 120 mg day by day.