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Colorectal Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

02 September, 2020 Gehna Kapoor

Colorectal cancer is cancer that begins in the colon (present in the large intestine) or rectum. The rectum is located at the end of the colon and connects the colon to the outside of the body. These two parts are the last site of the process of digestion. Cancer begins in from the inner lining of the rectum or colon. This cancer can spread to the muscles, the lymph nodes, and eventually other parts of the body. The extent to which cancer has spread determines the stage of cancer. Colon cancer usually affects older ages but it can happen at any age. Colorectal cancer begins from non-cancerous cells called polyps that can eventually become cancerous. If the polyps are removed before they become cancerous, it can help prevent cancer. In light of the above, the current article intends to discuss the causes, symptoms, and treatment for colorectal cancer.

Causes of Colorectal Cancer

Medical and scientific research is still going on to fully understand the causes of colorectal cancer. However, there are some factors that can increase the risk of developing colorectal cancer.

  1. Genetic Mutation: Both inherited and acquired genetic mutations can cause colorectal cancer.

  2. Age: People older than 50 years of age are most susceptible to developing colorectal cancer.

  3. A history of colon polyps:  A history of colon polyps means that you can develop them again and they can become cancerous.

  4. Frequent bowel disease: If you have a history of bowel diseases then you are more susceptible to developing colorectal cancer.

  5. Having a family history of colorectal cancer.

  6. Being overweight or obese.

  7. Having type 2 diabetes.

  8. Being a smoker.

Signs and Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer

Many people do not notice any symptoms in the early stages of cancer. The symptoms appear much later. The following are some of the symptoms of colorectal cancer:

  1. Constipation

  2. Diarrhea

  3. Changes in the color or shape of stool. It will be narrowed.

  4. Blood in the stool

  5. Bleeding from the rectum

  6. Abdominal cramps or pain

  7. Unintentional weight loss

Diagnosis for Colorectal Cancer

If your signs and symptoms are related to colon cancer, then the doctor may perform the following test to get a confirmation about your situation.

  1. Colonoscopy: a long tube attached to a video camera is inserted in the body to view the whole colon and rectum from the inside. The doctor may also collect tissue samples for further tests.

  2. Blood tests: There are no blood tests to determine if a person has colorectal cancer. However, the doctor may conduct blood tests to know about the overall wellbeing of other parts like the liver and kidney so that they can eliminate the possibility of other diseases.

  3. CT scan: To determine the stage of cancer, that is, how much it has spread, the doctor will perform a CT scan.

Treatment for Colorectal Cancer

The treatment usually depends on the stage of cancer and the position of the tumor of cancer cells. One or more of the followed methods may be used to treat colorectal cancer:

  1. Surgery: In the early stages of cancer, the cancerous polyp can be surgically removed. If cancer has spread to the walls of the bowel, then the doctor might have to remove parts of the colon and rectum.

  2. Chemotherapy: In the case of colorectal cancer, chemotherapy takes place after the surgery. Specialized drugs and medicines are used to destroy cancer cells.

  3. Radiotherapy: it can be used before and after surgery. In this treatment, a beam of high energy is used to target and destroy the cancer cells.

  4. Along with this, the doctor may prescribe some medicines that are to be taken through the mouth. You can easily buy anti-cancer medicines online from 3MEDS.

Bottom Line

Having any type of cancer can be very stressful however, colorectal cancer is highly treatable especially if detected in the early stages. It is best to meet your doctor to know the odds of you developing colorectal cancer. Being alert to the changes in the body is also necessary as that is the only way cancer can be caught early. The best way to go about the treatment is to complete all the courses that the doctor prescribes or the chances of recurring cancer are more. The anti-cancer medicines and other medical essentials can be easily bought from 3MEDS, the best online chemist shop in Delhi.