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Physical Inactivity Effect on Lifestyle-3meds

02 September, 2020 Pooja Kumari


With an increasing schedule of being busy, physical activity is being decreased. Yes, we are busy but we are occupied more mentally than being physically active. Since this generation always works on computers, laptops, or phones and then travels by sitting in a car, bus, or train. In this lifestyle, most of the time we are doing our work by sitting. When we take a break or if it is our leisure time we become a couch potato and again we are sitting all the time. According to a research report, physical inactivity is the 4th major reason of mortality worldwide.

People who sit for more than 9 to 10 hours in a day are said to be physically less active and it can lead them to various health problems. Physical activity cuts off the negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle. An adult needs at least 150 minutes of moderate and 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week to reduce the effect of a sedentary lifestyle. Along with this walking, 10,000 steps per day can increase your metabolism rate, enhance your immune system, and can protect you from various diseases.

Here are some MAJOR PROBLEMS which is created by the sedentary lifestyle that is by being physically inactive:-


Sitting for constant prolonged hours can lead you to obesity which might increase the risk of several chronic diseases such as heart fat, diabetes type 2, fatty liver, etc. physical inactivity along with unhealthy eating and unhealthy lifestyle can trigger the chances of getting affected by these diseases. One should take the help of exercise and other physical activities to reduce the risk of weight gain and obesity.


A sedentary lifestyle increases the chances of high blood pressure in teenagers, adults, and old age people and hence increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Age and physical activity are the two major risk factors of heart disease and sitting for a long period of time can work as a catalyst and can make you susceptible to heart disease.

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A sedentary lifestyle is also related to cancer. There is more risk of having colon cancer, breast cancer, and endometrial cancer. According to some researchers, adults who sit for more than 8 hours a day have a 22% increased risk of suffering from cancer. Avoid sitting constantly to reduce the risk, after every hour tries to walk for 5 minutes.


Metabolic syndrome is defined as having central obesity which is waist circumference and along with this tendency, a person can have another 4 tendencies- raised blood pressure, raised triglycerides, reduced high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and raised fasting plasma glucose. Being physically active can reduce the risk of Metabolic syndrome by 70%.


Prolonged sitting is one of the major causes of back or neck pain worldwide. Chronic back and neck pain are some of the greatest causes of disability. Studies have proven that short breaks after 30 – 40 minutes reduce the risk of back or neck pain by 30%.


The higher amount of sitting rate, the higher amount of psychological distress. Mental health is directly proportional to a sedentary lifestyle. According to studies people who engage themselves in moderate or vigorous exercise deals with less amount of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Mid-aged women are more likely to get affected by mental stress who has found to sit more than 7 hours a day.


Osteoporosis is a disorder that makes your bone brittle and weak. A sedimentary lifestyle can make you overweight and it is the most common factor which can lead you to osteoporosis. Walking and running are the best remedies since these are a weight-bearing activity.


Adults who sit more than 7 hours a day are more likely to have a poor grip between their muscles. With the increasing age, this problem also increases. Stairmaster and brisk walking are the best methods to fight against this.


People with a sedimentary lifestyle are at a 20% increased risk of diabetes. 30 minutes of walking can reduce the risk of Diabetes.


You can feel difficulty in sleeping at night if you are physically inactive. You get better sleep quality when you are active. This kind of sleep pattern can lead you to Insomnia or sleep apnea like sleep disorders.


In a nutshell, we can say that people who have sedimentary lifestyle can have a severe health condition which can result into chronic disease also. People can reduce the risk by doing physical activities. In case you need proteins to boost your physical activity, feel free to order at 3MEDS, India’s best online pharmacy store.