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Why the pharmacy shop owner need Online Pharmacy App

15 June, 2020 Varun Chaturvedi

The Internet has changed the way we live. Like electricity, we are also dependent on the internet for our daily needs. The Internet has broken many trends. It is not just a source of information but also a source of business and income. Many business models have been introduced after the introduction of the internet. Recent trends and advances in the field of online business is growing and bringing new opportunities to the non- benefactor class. Now, you do not have to be an MBA to set up your business. You do not have to necessarily set up on infrastructure of offices.

In this post, we will tell you the importance of the need for online pharmacy. There are concrete reasons that a pharmacy shop owner should upgrade his business to sustain in the market as well as make more profit than the usual. In the meantime, if you need medicines then you can order it from the best online pharmacy of Delhi.

Following are the reasons for the need to opt online pharmacy by a pharmacy shop owner:


An offline drug store can only give a 15-20 % discount over any drug. On the other hand hand, the same drug store can give up to 23 % discount over the same drug online. Customers naturally choose the economical options and if they are aware of the online vs. offline rates then they will Definity opt for online ordering of medicines from the best medicine delivery services

Profit Margins 

In an offline pharmacy, the minimum profit margin is nominally 8 % and the maximum could be 30 %. But in Online pharmacy the minimum profit margin is 10 percent. So, there is a greater slab for an online drug store. Since online stores have greater slab they can also give a greater discount to the customers. It is a win-win situation for both the customers and the pharmacists.

Expansion of the business

If you are operating your business online then you can only cover the 5 km radius of your area. The demand for medicine can be generated from anywhere in the city or the villages. Online pharmacy expands the domain of your business. Now a person can order medicines sitting far away.

Minimal Cost of Expansion

Physical expansion of a drug store means you have to buy or rent a new shop, invest in the infrastructure, stock the medicines. Online expansion does not need such investments. You don’t have to invest in property. Every operation will be conducted within the same premises where you are already doing your business.

Brand recognition 

From offline to online, there is a factor where people feel more reliance on stores which are recognized by other people. Recognition comes through online presence. This makes your medical store a brand.  People will prefer your product more than an unmown medical shop’s product.


Income without negotiations

At the offline drug store, it is a common practice to bargain over the price of medicine but in an online store, the price of medicine is fix and bargain free. As the customer is already getting the highest possible discount.


Sell Medicine without Credit

Sometimes a customer buys a medicine on credit and returns the money after indefinite time. This affects the finance of your business. But you as a shopkeeper has to allow this credit formula to keep the customer loyal. In online mode, the customer gets credit in the for discount coupons which he has to redeem within a stipulated time. In this way, it ensures that the same customer will come back to buy more drugs from the same online pharmacy.


Structured Financial Hassle-free Statements

The Online transactions of any medicines sold by you are readily available at your fingertips. The money is already directly reaching your business back account, therefore, you don’t have to physically open the account logbook again and again.


Cashless Benefits         

All kinds of payment options are valuable at the online platform. You do not have to check the condition of notes every time a customer is paying money. All the UPI option, ATM card and credit card options are already integrated into the online channel.

In my opinion, An Online drug store will strengthen the economic status of a pharmacy owner. If you are thinking about shifting from offline pharmacy to online pharmacy and if you have some myths about it then check out   E-Pharmacy model: Myths and Misconceptions.