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What is a Concussion? How to Manage Them Effectively ?

31 August, 2020 Anugraha Iyer

We all can get injured, that is pretty common, during a fall, accident, or any other activity, so if you involve in some hardcore sports or physical activity, you are most likely to get concussions if you injure yourself any accident. A concussion is basically a traumatic injury that can be a mild case, it can be an aftermath of a head injury or a whiplash-type injury that causes a quick shake in your head back and forth, a concussion can also result in an altered mental state which can make you unconscious, these are not life-threatening, but they can be quite serious in case of symptoms and should be under medical attention.

Most people confuse concussion for contusion, the difference between them is that concussions are bruises and they affect your brain, contusions aren’t that much serious and can be cured within days 

Signs and Symptoms of Concussion:

Symptoms totally depend on the extent of the injury and they totally depend on the severity of the injury, some people even experience loss of consciousness, the symptoms of concussion may begin immediately or it can take some hours, days, weeks, or years to display symptoms:

  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Loss of memory
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Headache
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Reacting slow
  • Obscure vision
  • Instability, loss of balance
  • Confusion
  • Lack of concentration

When to See a Doctor:

A concussion is something that needs immediate medical attention, so if you or someone else is experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms and if you suspect a concussion, then you should see a doctor as soon as possible, concussions may be due to injuries in the spine too, if you see an injured person suffering from concussion, call an ambulance immediately and try not to move their body, try to keep them stationary until you get to the hospital so that it will avoid further damage to the spine. A doctor diagnoses concussion based on a question about the injury and symptoms, your doctor might even perform a physical examination to determine the symptoms, in case of serious cases, it may require a CT scan and an MRI and in case of seizures, your doctor might perform an ECG to monitor brain’s waves.

Treatment for Concussions:

The treatment option depending on the severity and the extent of your symptoms, you may or may not need surgery at times or any other medical procedures depend on the following

  • If there is bleeding in the brain
  • If the brain is swollen
  • The brain has gone through severe injury

Most of the concussion don’t need surgery, because if the concussion is causing you headaches your doctor may recommend OTC medicines like ibuprofen, you can buy prescription medicines online like acetaminophen which can alleviate the pain and your doctor might advise you to get plenty of sleep and he will advise you to refrain from any hardcore physical activity to recover faster. Also, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking

Complications of Multiple Concussions

People who have had concussions should not indulge in any sports or laborious activities without a doctors consult, because you can’t risk it for some sports activity, health always comes first, getting a concussion after reviving from another one can be fatal for the patient, this condition is called as second impact syndrome, it can increase the chances of brain swelling .so consider before going back to the sports.

Other long-term complications include:

  • Post-concussion syndrome,
  • Post-traumatic headaches,
  • Post-traumatic vertigo or dizziness
  • Multiple brain injuries

Prevention of Concussions

The only thing to do to prevent concussions would be to wear a safety helmet and safety gear to avoid any severe injuries and make sure that you have worn it properly else it is of no use, always keep your prescription medicines in stock else order medication online Delhi to make the process easier a, ask a professional coach or a sports professional about playing techniques to be safe, injuries happen all the time, but with a little bit of caution and consideration we can get ourselves out from these critical injuries, which might cost you your life, so be cautious and prepared all the time, If you are into strenuous activities or sports.   


One might recover from concussions quickly, but the associated symptoms might take a while to go away completely, in some very rare cases people go through certain changes pertaining to physical, emotional, and mental health, which can last longer, so we should avoid the concussion to repeat, for it can be lethal and can cause permanent brain damage, we don’t want that for our body.