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Zika Virus : Symptoms ,Causes and Treatment

28 August, 2020 Chaudri Waheedunnisa

What is Zika Virus

Zika virus or zika fever is a disease that is caused by Aedes mosquito. It is a mosquito which also causes dengue fever and chikungunya. It is found that this mosquito is active indoor as well as outdoor. Other species of Aedes mosquito are Aedes albopictus, Aedes aegypti. Although these species are unable to cause zika virus in the body. It causes yellow fever and other diseases.

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What is the History Behind Zika Virus

The first-time zika virus was identified in Uganda, but this disease was mainly affected by Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, etc.

An outbreak occurred in Brazil and mosquito transmission has been reported in the United States, Texas, and Florida, etc.

What Are The Symptoms Of Zika Virus

The symptoms are generally are very mild and sometimes it is asymptomatic. The symptoms of zika virus are as follows

  • Pain in the eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Muscle pain
  • Red eyes

Some facts about zika virus

Zika virus cases are mostly seen in tropic and subtropic countries

There is no treatment available for zika virus

Zika virus can be preventable by avoiding mosquito bites

Symptoms of zika virus only last for one week but symptoms can be more severe in the foetus

What Causes Zika Virus/zika Fever

There could be many causes of zika virus .some are as follows

Zika virus can be transmitted through the infected person .and when the same infected person will give infections to others. This virus will enter into the blood, and this cycle will continue this way.

  • Zika virus can also transmit through pregnant women to their fetus
  • This virus also transmitted through sexual contact and blood transfusion etc.
  • What are the risk factors associated with zika virus
  • Living in a country where there is an outbreak

If u are Living in a place where the outbreak of zika virus is there .then there is a high chance of having zika virus to you. Places such as South and North America and islands near West Africa are at high risk of zika virus.Zika virus is found worldwide, it’s likely that outbreaks will continue to spread to new regions.

Having unprotected sex

It has been reported that zika virus is also transmitted through sex. So if a male or the female partner has a virus in their blood then it can also transmit through sex to another person. While doing sex person should use condoms. And person if visiting an area where is an outbreak is more he can use condoms or avoid sex for at least two months.

What Complications Are There With Zika Virus

  • Eye damage

  • Bone related to joining problem

  • Severe microcephaly with a partly collapsed skull

  • Brain damage and other brain cells

What Prevention We Can Take To Lower Zika Fever

As such there are no vaccines is available for zika fever then in this situation prevention will help to reduce the case. There are some prevention are as follows

Stay in air-conditioned or well-screened housing

The virus is transmitted through mosquito bites. If you will love in a well-screened house and air conditioner room then there will be less chance of having mosquito .using well equipment house will reduce the frequency of the mosquito. This is one of the prevention you can do to avoid zika virus.

Wear protective clothing

To avoid mosquito bites you should wear full sleeves dress such as a full shirt, socks, and shoes. This will act as a preventive measure to reduce the transmission if the zika virus

Use mosquito repellent.

Permethrin can be applied to your clothing, shoes, and other dresses. for the skin, you can use a 10%concentration of DEET. Women who is pregnant can use mosquito repellent as per by environment protection agency. This will be safe and good for pregnant women.

Reduce mosquito habitat.

As far as we know that mosquito is living in around the houses. If we will reduce the mosquito habitat then this will reduce the chances of having zika virus in any person. If we will cut the carrier of this virus then this will act as a good prevention.


There is no particular treatment is available for this disease. but a person is having the above symptoms can concern to doctor, and take enough amount of fluid as this will helps from dehydration. You can take over counter pain killer medicines for the relief .now you can buy medicines with an online discount.


Zika virus is also known as zika fever. The symptoms of this disease are always mild and asymptomatic. Pregnant women and fetuses are at great risk for this. According to CDC CDC also advise that pregnant women who are diagnosed with Zika should be considered for the monitoring of fetal growth and anatomy program every 3 to 4 weeks. With the help of doctor concern and prevention will reduce the risk of this disease. stay healthy and stay safe