Testicle Pain Cause and Treatment

15 June, 2020 Arpita Karmakar

What is Testicular Pain?

The Testicles, about the size of two large olives form a major part of the male reproductive system and are contained within a sac-like structure known as the scrotum located between the penis and the anus.

As the name suggests, the pain, discomfort or displeasure felt on either or both of the Testicles is referred to as Testicular Pain. Apart from the sudden pain that is felt, a number of other symptoms like Abdominal pain, scrotal or testicular swelling, tenderness in the Testicles, fever etc occur too.



What are the causes contributing to the pain?

3MEDS, the best online pharmacy in India points out the most common causes contributing to Testicular Pain -


Diabetic Neuropathy :

Damage to the nerves of scrotum due to diabetes causes excessive pain in the scrotum and Testicles. It needs immediate medical attention.


Injury or trauma :

Injury to the testicles due to a variety of reasons like accident, fight or physical activities causes unbearable pain, brushing and hence swelling in the Testicles.


Epididymitis :

Epididymis  is that organ where sperm matures before exiting the body.Epididymitis is the infection caused in that organ when a person feels pain followed by swelling in the scrotum. Sexually transmitted diseases and urinary infections often lead to Epididymitis.


Hernia :

An inguinal hernia is a kind of  hernia where tissues get pushed into the scrotum causing testicular pain.

A Doctor may be able to reduce an inguinal hernia by a surgery.


Kidney stones :

Stones in the kidney that radiate till the Testicles often cause pain. It will go away as soon as  the kidney stones pass or are surgically removed.


Orchitis :

Orchitis is the infection as well as  inflammation of the testicle caused by untreated epididymitis. The severe pain caused due to it needs immediate medical attention. Treatment includes otc pain relievers, rest or elevating the scrotum.


Testicular Torsion :

It is a serious medical condition that occurs when one of the Testicles twists around the spermatic cord which carries sperm from the testicles to the urethra. It is very common in younger men under 25 years. Surgery is done to correct the testicular twisting.


Spermatocele :

Spermatocele is caused by accumulation of too much of fluid near the either or both of the Testicles causing excessive pain and swelling.


Testicular tumor :

A testicular tumor causes pain and swelling in the testicles and the nearby areas. A dull ache, swelling or a lump in the testicle can be it's direct symptom. It's usually removed by cancer but in some rare cases might lead to Testicular Cancer. Get all cancer related information and medication from the best online cancer medicine supplier in India.



When should you visit a doctor?


It's important to pay a visit to a specialist for an appointment if:
There's a lump on the scrotum.

A developed fever with pain.

The scrotum has turned red, warm to touch, or show tenderness.
It's important to seek emergency medical attention if the testicular pain:

-is sudden or has turned severe.

-occurs together with nausea or vomiting.

-is caused by injury that is painful or

-if swelling occurs after an  hour or so.


Will it go away on its own?

Testicular Pain may be acute or chronic, constant or intermittent. With rest, cold packs, otc pain relievers and elevation testicular pain mostly goes away by a day or 3. But if the pain increases or is followed by fever or vomiting, visiting a doctor is essential.


What are the Possible Treatments?

Causes to Testicular Pain can be diagnosed by a blood test, urinalysis, a swab of the urethra in case there is penile discharge, ultrasonography and a CT of kidney, urethra or bladder.

After the diagnosis, treatment may include


-Pain medication for immediate pain relief.

-Antibiotics if there's any infection. You can buy necessary medicines and healthcare products at a 23% discount rate.

-Surgery if there's testicular torsion to untwist the testicle or to reduce fluid accumulation.

-Orchiectomy for patients who are not benefited by medicines need to get their testicles removed.

-Epididymectomy is the surgical procedure by which the epididymis is removed only when the pain originates in this structure.



The Bottom Line-

An undiagnosed case of testicular Pain may lead to an untreated infection resulting in permanent damage to the Testicles. It may also affect reproduction and fertility. For mild pain that doesn't need medical attention might be treated using an athletic supporter to the scrotum, ice to reduce swelling and otc medications to reduce pain. In severe cases, immediate medical attention is required.