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How to Sale Medicines Online Through e-Pharmacy in India

13 June, 2020 Varun Chaturvedi

The most interesting part of any business is its sales prospects. When we talk about sales we see that it is dependent on many factors like marketing, brand recognition etc. Though in this post we will specifically talk about selling medicines through an online pharmacy. If you are a pharmacy owner who just opted an online channel to sell its medicines or if you are already running an online pharmacy then this post will be useful for you.

Learn the fundamental of sales

Before selling a product we must understand some underlying concepts about selling. To sell something you need to understand the psychology of a buyer. In-country like India, there are several kinds of the buyer. Some are nit-picking about their choices, some are induced by the advice of others and some are intelligent and check all the things meticulously before buying. 

Know your business

First of all, if you are into the pharmacy sector then you must know about medicines and its substitutes. Availability in the market and their rates. If you do not know the rate of any medicine then you can type the name of the medicine on the best online medicines home delivery app and you can see for yourself the base rate and the discounts going over that medicine.

Always call the right people

Oldest fundamental as well as the most effective one. With today’s technology, it is a high chance that we can miss things. The online pharmacy is a new concept so if you are going to opt from offline pharmacy to online then you can call 3Meds. They provide you with the necessary types of equipment and training to sell your medicines online.


Word of Mouth

Still, the best-known kind of publicity is the word of mouth publicity. Talk to your offline customers often. Make a conversation interesting and drop chunks of information which would don’t look like a forced selling pitch. Enjoy talking about yourself and themselves. Ask their problems about health and welfare and ask the problems about the health of their loved ones too. This process will give you leads and convert people into potential customers and customers in loyal customers.

Reward the referer

During the word of mouth publicity. If someone is talking your online pharmacy and if the person gets influenced then make any move like downloading your application or ordering any medicine then you should reward the influencer with some kids of the perk . These perks work as chunks of self-motivation. So, the next time if that influencer goes somewhere he or she will pitch the name of your online pharmacy.

Show benefits rather than telling

The benefits of buying medicines from an online pharmacy should be shown rather than telling. The benefits should be told by a buyer to other people. This will increase the reliability of the people on the brand. Use the power of visual representation and theatricality. If a customer is satisfied with your services put him in the spotlight to tell others about it.

Use Social Media for your advantage           

Everyone is present on social media platforms. The simplest thing we can start with is building a good active network. Advertise on social media and engage people in conversation. Conversation helps them to open up and then you can tell them about your online pharmacy. This builds reliance and increases your sales figure.

Grow your Network

Social media can also be used to grow your network. But, you have to make sure that you do not engage any dormant person. Always add a genuine person with whom you can talk. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or acquire any skills to talk to them. A simple follow up of asking about their wellbeing might open several doors for you. But at the same time, you have to avoid being over-friendly with them. This will creep them to be genuine and limited. Do not overdo or force themselves to buy anything from you.

In the end, selling medicines online is easy and convenient. If you want to give it a try then download the app which is the best online medicine delivery app.