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Harmful Toxins Around Us And Ways To Avoid It

13 August, 2020 Saisha Ajmani

There are harmful toxins all around us. From the food that we consume to the water that we drink toxins are present everywhere. Toxins are found in cosmetics, food preservatives, drinks, and even in furniture and bottles. Being surrounded by such harmful toxicants can prove to be dangerous for many people and can also affect health. Consumption of chemical toxicants can have a negative impact on the health of an individual as it can affect even a baby who is growing in the womb of the mother.

Being surrounded by chemical substances and toxicants on daily basis can cause a lot of diseases, they can enter the body through various ways including from the skin or the air we breathe. Some people do not have a strong immune system and hence are not able to fight these toxicants.

There is no way to totally get rid of these toxin but you can always take steps to reduce it for a healthy and safer living.

What is Toxins?

Toxins are considered as poisonous substances that are there in the living cells of the organisms. Toxins can also enter the body due to bacterial infection. You can download the 3MEDS App, it is the best online pharmacy app in India, for free health care advice by professionals.

A toxin is said to be negatively involved with a living cell that can later have the ability to create a negative impact on the life of an individual.

Types of Toxins?

There is a wide variety of toxins present in the environment, but to understand them properly they have been put into different categories that are based on the type of problems and diseases they cause.

Carcinogens - The carcinogen is any substance that causes or is related to the formation of cancer in the human body. It is the substance that can be found in the air or the food products that we use. It is most commonly found in tobacco, radon, asbestos, crispy brown foods, formaldehyde, alcohol, ultraviolet rays, processed meat, engine exhaust, and the most major, pollution.

Mutagens - This is considered a different type of substance that changes the genetic material mainly DNA.

Teratogens - this is any substance that can cause harm to the fetus or the embryo, basically, it can cause a birth defect in children. Different teratogens include drugs, chemicals, maternal infections, and radiations.

Allergens - this can be considered as any substance that is either eaten or inhaled. This can include dust particles or pollen to be particular.

Neurotoxins - these are substances that directly attack the nervous system, they are also said to destruct and destroy the nervous tissues. You can download the 3MEDS app, for buying genuine medicines online in India, that too at a discounted price.

Endocrine Disruptors - these are considered to be hormonally active agents that can either increase the production of a particular hormone in the human body or can decrease .it immensely. These disruptors can cause deadly diseases like cancer and can also play a part in birth defects.

Different ways to avoid Toxins around us?

Plant more trees in your surroundings - 

Planting more trees is the best and the easiest way to purify the air around you. They help in removing harmful toxins from our daily life.

Use natural products - 

Many makeups and skincare products are full of chemicals and toxicants which can generate a lot of health problems and issues. So one should switch to natural products and items with ingredients that suit the skin.

Stop using plastic -

Plastic is said to damage our environment and our surrounding but in addition to that it is extremely harmful to our health, there have been multiple studies that prove plastic as the most harmful toxicant that has the ability to not only kill humans but animals also. Hence one should switch to glass bottles as it is the safest to use.

Go organic - 

With farmers constantly using several fertilizers and pesticides that involve so many chemicals it is obvious that there will be toxicity in the production also. On the other hand, natural food that is grown has no toxins and is healthy also.


There are undoubtedly a lot of factors that contribute to the increasing toxicants around us starting from industrialization to urbanization. There is a lack of agreement in people to stop the use of harmful toxins on a daily basis. There is no technology or method through which we can get rid of all toxins but we can follow ways that are mentioned above to decrease the impact.