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Dengue - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

13 August, 2020 Rajanya Manna

Our body consists of a complicated biological process, where a dense network of cells, tissues, muscles, glands, and hormones, functioning every moment to keep us going. Also, our immune system helps our body fight against disease-causing components. Therefore, it is extremely essential that we keep our immune system healthy and fit in order to keep ourselves fit. However, sometimes our body becomes a bit weak and due to poor immunity, we become vulnerable to various types of infectious viruses and bacteria.

These get into our body by some means and use our bodies to meet their requirements. This makes us more ill and we feel extremely exhausted. One such common viral disease is Dengue. 

What is Dengue?

A kind of fever caused due to a mosquito bite, in tropical climate mostly, is known as dengue. It is a disease which, in the past has already been declared as a Pandemic by the World Health Organization and still continues to be one of the most common mosquito-borne viral disease in the world. It generally has common symptoms like flu and is mostly curable in primary conditions. But, it can get severe if left untreated and the infected person and even die. Generally, there are 4 strains of the main virus. When a female Aedes mosquito feeds on the blood of a virus-infected person, it also becomes infected and acts as a carrier and then, the chain continues.

The more number of people, the infected mosquito feeds on, get infected. This disease does not spread directly from one person to another through touch. Once a person gets infected, he or she then goes on to infect other uninfected mosquitoes and eventually more number of people. Thus, humans act as the primary source of the virus.

The most common symptom include fever. Once, a person recovers, it can be said that the person has developed immunity against that particular type of the virus. However, he or she might still be vulnerable to the other types of the virus. Generally, in less severe cases, dengue gets cured with the intake of some medicines (can be obtained from online medical stores like 3MEDS) after consultation with a doctor. However, if the condition becomes serious, then the person may have to be admitted to a hospital. 

Symptoms of Dengue: 

The common symptoms of dengue fever are similar to that of common cold and flu, like sudden and high fever, acute headaches, loss of appetite, extreme pain in the muscles and joints, a feeling of tiredness, nausea, vomiting, rashes and a constant feeling of weakness. As these symptoms are similar to that of flu, so people often fail to detect dengue at early stages and this leads to neglect. If the symptoms are neglected and not treated, a condition of Dengue Shock Syndrome might develop, where the person is likely to experience pain, bleeding and ultimately death. 

Causes of Dengue: 

Dengue mosquitoes tend to prosper in unhygienic environments where water is stored for a long time. These are the ideal places where the virus-carrying mosquitoes lay their eggs and each of these newborn mosquito act as a potential source of the disease. There are mainly for types of viruses that cause dengue fever. These are - DENV1, DENV2, DENV3, and DENV4. When an Aedes mosquito bites an infected person, it gets infected and goes on to infect other uninfected people.

Treatment of Dengue:

If a person feels some symptoms and has a fever, he or she should consult a doctor and get his or her blood test done to be confirmed. If it is confirmed, then having medicines (can be bought from 3MEDS which provide 24 hours home delivery services) after consulting a doctor is advisable. Having medicines with aspirin may cause more bleeding, therefore, to have the prescribed medicines only is extremely important. Also, affected people can consume home remedies like lots of water, citrus fruits, black grapes, papaya, and basil leaves.


Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease that has symptoms similar to that of common cold and flu and can be fatal if left untreated. These common symptoms often make the person neglect the disease as he or she is unable to detect the disease. There are no proven medicines available for this disease, but, after consulting a doctor, medicines with acetaminophen can be consumed.