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10 Ways to Bring Your Online Pharmacy Forward in 2020

13 June, 2020 Arpita Karmakar

What is an online pharmacy?

The Indian pharmaceutical market is the third largest in terms of volume, globally with an expected growth rate of 11.3% by the end of 2020. With its three broad segments of generic, over the counter and patented drugs, Indian retail pharma market has been holding a well known position. But over the years, the retail ecosystem has witnessed frictional changes leading to cost increments and inefficiencies.

And thus a technological upgrade of the pharmaceutical model has been on demand to take the centre stage in addressing the need gap.

The pharma model that operates over the internet and provides customers medicines at their doorsteps via online transactions and through an online web portal or application is known as an e-Pharmacy or online pharmacy model.


10 ways to bring online pharmacy forward-


1. Being digitally equipped

Being technologically equipped is the main difference that separates online pharmacies from the traditional ones. The growth potential is extremely huge for e-Pharmacies and so factors like e-transactions, online customer support etc need to be at par. Also having an equipped digital support network during tough times is a major factor of success for newly emerging business owners.


2. Safer online transactions

A number of misconceptions about the security of online pharmacy transactions are due to the lack of understanding of the concept of e-pharmacy.Most e-Pharmacies are online services provided by licensed pharmacies with a 100% safe to use app or site such as The 3MEDS application, which is one of the best online medicine delivery app in India. Any payment done via the app or site is encrypted and kept safe from fraudsters. Hence, e-Pharmacies should take the sole responsibility of ensuring that payment details are stored safely via an intelligence team to keep customer information confidential.


3. Promoting and marketing

Promotions are a big part of announcing presence in the field. It's important to understand why we need marketing,who we need to market to and how to market to enhance growth.Digital or online marketing is that umbrella term that covers a wide range of marketing methods that can drive the business online, mostly including social media marketing like Google Ads, Facebook,Twitter, etc.


4. Making a steady online presence

In this era of digitalisation,having a strong web presence is very much needed for the growth of the business. Not having an online presence might lead you to miss out on a number of business opportunities. Having a stagnant social media profile with nothing particular to offer to people might turn down the growth rate of business. So not only a website, but a smart phone application should also be considered.


5. Premium level Courier Arrangements

Since online medicine delivery is an important aspect of online pharmacy, tying up with the courier services is essential for delivering throughout the country or state. The courier companies taking up two distinct services, pick up and drop, should be of premium level, able to deliver medicines in the exact quality and in the scheduled time adding to the company's reputation making sure a faster, comprehensive and reliable delivery.


6. Streamlining procedures

The benefits of reevaluating the entire process for filling prescriptions and ordering medication to see what can be done to make it faster and in fewer steps are many. Maximizing the pharmacy workflow by embracing key technologies and standardized workflow procedures is an important aspect that needs to be brought forth.


7. Superior Customer Support

The customer support is the face of the company representing the pharmacy in a more advanced way than the pharmacist.How the consumers are being interacted with will have a direct impact on the overall feeling about the pharmacy. They are required to keep all its customer information confidential and not only that they are bound to provide a trustworthy 24×7 customer service. Not only that they need to provide essential information to customers such as drug interactions, side effects, medicine reminders and alternatives.

3MEDS is one of the best online pharmacy companies in India committed to provide a customer service philosophy that is worthy of the valued customers’ loyalty.


8. Offering all refill methods

In order to make an inevitable online presence to all current and potential patients, an online pharmacy should be available across refill channels which includes an online web portal , a mobile application, texting facilities and in-person services. It's important to optimize all inbound and outbound refilling methods to serve the customers in the best way.


9. Educating patients

Online pharmacies should have the technology infrastructure to provide value added information to consumers with their blogs and articles. Education is the key to drive patient adherence and improve their overall health by providing dynamic content relatable to them like everyday health news, knowledge about various diseases, tips on how digital tools can optimize health etc. Consumers will always get benefitted from the power of knowledge, which is easily distributed through various electronic media.


10. Making a user-friendly model

In order to bring e-Pharmacies forward, they need to offer a superior online shopping experience, which includes ease of navigation and absolute transactional security.

3MEDS App which is available free of cost over Play Store is an easy to use and reliable application where medicines can be ordered by a few clicks. After downloading the app make sure to subscribe to it as this would entitle to many more benefits.



The Bottom Line-

To survive in this modern competitive business scenario, digitalisation is a must. Whether it's healthcare or groceries or education,adapting to a digital era requires a shift from the traditional business processes to a flexible, risk-taking and well developed ambience yielding big results. There are a number of details that need to be taken care of before jumping into this field of online pharmacy such as strategy management, marketing, maintenance of social presence etc. These steps help to bring the online business of a pharmacy to greater heights.