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What are Vascular Diseases, Who all are at Risk, and How can it be Prevented?

11 August, 2020 Kritika Tak

What are vascular diseases?

Our blood-circulatory system is also known as the cardiovascular system or vascular system. So, all the conditions which affect our vascular system are known as vascular diseases. What all things come under the vascular system?

The vascular system consists of:

  • Arteries 

  • Viens

  • Capillaries.

The function of arteries is to help in sending oxygen-rich blood to various tissues and organs of the body. Viens helps in transferring blood, and all the waste products back to the heart and capillaries act as a connector between the tiny arteries and veins. To, put it in a nutshell, the vascular system is an intricate network of blood vessels in the body.

Causes of Vascular Diseases:

The causes of vascular diseases are vast, and some of them are yet unknown. Some of the common causes are -

  • Genetic disorders (that can make your blood clot more)

  • Surgeries and operations (esp. of hip and legs)

  • Slow-paced blood flow 

  • Conditions making blood thicker (resulting in-cognitive heart failure)

  • Injuries or infections (resulting in - damaged veins)

  • Damaged valves in veins 

  • High cholesterol (resulting in - heart diseases)

  • High blood pressure (same as high cholesterol)

  • Medicines that fluctuates hormones (birth control pills)

Who all  - Are at risk?

Common risk factors of vascular diseases include -

  • Sedentary lifestyle (esp. those not exercising)

  • Obese people

  • All those who Smoke

  • Injury or an infection that may lead to damaged veins.

  • Pregnancy, as there are fluctuations in hormones.

  • Old-Age, as it may invite one or the other ailment.

  • Diabetic people

  • People having (high blood pressure or high cholesterol)

If you come under any of the above the category, then prefer visiting your doctor and get yourself tested in time. And those who are already on a certain kind of medication or treatment, it is better you take your medications as prescribed by the healthcare provider. And in case, of re-stocking of your tablets, buy medicine online, on 3MEDS.


In case, of vascular diseases, doctors will ask about your symptoms,  family history, and for some blood tests. 

Common disorders of the vascular system:

  • Stoke - A severe condition, where blood stops going to the brain.

  • Blood clots - When a clump of blood doesn’t dissolve on its own and causes chest pain, cramps, and even swelling.

  • Coronary artery disease - narrowing or blockage of the artery.

  • Varicose veins - twisted or swollen veins that can be seen under the skin, also known as spider veins.

  • Vasculitis - inflammation in the blood vessels.

  • Raynaud’s disease - Another disorder that narrows veins when feeling cold or even stressed.

  • Atherosclerosis - When calcium, fats, or other substances found in our blood forms a plaque-like condition inside the arteries.

  • Aneurysm - when “ballooning” happens in the walls of the artery, busting even can cause death.

Preventive steps:

There is no cure for vascular diseases, but one can control its adverse effects with the help of the doctor and by making some changes in life. Some of the preventive measures are -

  • Improve your eating habits, eat healthy food, and take a balanced diet.

  • Try and ditch smoking, and if you are finding a reason to quit, then this it. Please quit already.

  • If you have diabetes, then do take care of your self and take your medication on time, plus keep a check on your blood sugar levels.

  • Switch to a healthier lifestyle, make room for workouts in your daily routine.

  • If you have high blood pressure, then also you need to be extra careful and try your best to bring it back to normal.

  • If your profession demands, standing up or sitting down the whole day, then try and take some breaks, to move your body, and for better blood circulation. 


Our blood-vessel network is that workforce, which supplies energy to the whole body, and like any other organ, its proper functioning is vital to us. Keep the above preventive measures in mind and make sure you are leading a healthy lifestyle. And to those who are suffering from any ailment that may trigger vascular disease in the future, no need to worry, follow instructions of your doctors, and take your medication on time. In case, you need your medicines delivered at door-step, then visit 3MEDS.