Miscarriages and Myths

10 August, 2020 Sreyasi Dey

Miscarriages may be one of the most disheartening experiences for a woman while she along with all her family is waiting to welcome a new member into her humble abode.

In India more than 30% of pregnancies end up in miscarriages, making it a more widely experienced phenomenon than is generally known, about 22% of these fetuses are lost even before the signs of a pregnancy can be recognized. Women within the ages of 30 with more than one kid have a high chance of experiencing a miscarriage, India at the recent times loses over 48million fetuses conceived, these can be a result of induced abortions, unplanned pregnancies, abortions, normal miscarriages. Mostly the exact reasons for miscarriages vary from person to person. However, it is proven that regular activities like walking, exercise, work, or sex do not induce miscarriages. This is a complete myth buster by 3MEDS, the best online pharmacy in India.

These are a few common myths surrounding miscarriages:

1. Miscarriages are rarely happen

With just spontaneous miscarriages being over 7.46% in India (mostly in the early months), the notion that are rare is quite possibly untrue, these can be a result of a complication or abnormality or even the result of a genetic mutation that may occur in the mother. However most of the time they can be repaired with a simple procedure.

2. Women who miss carrying once will miscarry again

This is absolutely not true. Women who have miscarried one child are most likely to have a healthy and regular time being pregnant the next time over. Most women who miscarried earlier go on to have a healthy baby. However, if someone suffers of miscarriages are currently more than two times, it is most wise to see a doctor.

3. Bleeding is a symptom of miscarriage

Bleeding should not be considered a symptom of miscarriage. More than 20% of women experience spotting in their first trimesters which can be caused by implantation after the fertilization of the egg.

4You have to wait for 3 months or more after a miscarriage before you become pregnant again

Miscarriages are a really difficult time to deal with but the fact that women cannot get pregnant right after a miscarriage is absolutely not true. After a miscarriage, a women’s body steadily falls back to its normal and casual reproductive routine within two weeks . The normal phases of ovulation and getting a period sets in, so the chances of becoming pregnant are also just as high as before. Some people do like to wait for a month before trying again but this can be a precaution more than a mandated halt.

5. Miscarriages can be prevented

Miscarriages mostly happen spontaneously or instantaneously without the knowledge of the mother in most cases. They occur as a result of internal abnormalities and issues that is sometimes not conceivable through external symptoms. In the majority of cases, a mother will not even know that she is going through a miscarriage till she gets an ultrasound done and it can happen even after medical instructions have been followed and the woman is taken care of. So in a way, pregnancies are not preventable.

6. Exercising increases the possibility of a miscarriage

Exercising does not and cannot increase the possibility of a miscarriage, prenatal exercising cannot be linked to miscarriages, neither is a vigorous physical activity. Less than 1% of women who miscarry exercise during the tenure of their pregnancies and the particular activity they are a part is not the prime cause of pregnancy. On the other hand, a number of benefits can be reaped for both the baby and the mother. Exercising can help is proper gastrointestinal functions, remit excessive weight gain, and even help with postpartum depression.

7. The miscarriage is the mother’s fault

Most women are made to feel guilty for having miscarried a baby, this is morally and ethically wrong. The miscarriage of a baby is not linked to the mother or her inability to carry the baby. In reality, it is just a bad turn of fate or a coincidental issue with no one to blame.


Miscarriages can be a very painful and difficult experience and tough to deal with. As a woman looking a free ourselves and taking all the necessary pills and maintaining a diet is imperative. For 24/7 delivery of all such medicines visit 3MEDS.