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Uterine Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

07 August, 2020 Janvi Patel

Uterine cancer is known as the most common type of cancer that occurs in a woman’s reproductive system. Uterine cancer is found to start when healthy cells present in the uterus change and grow out of control that is uncontrollable growth which results in forming a mass termed as a tumor. A tumor that is formed can be cancerous and benign in its nature.

A cancerous tumor that is malignant in nature tells about that it can grow and can even spread to other parts of the body. A tumor that is benign in nature can grow but it will not spread into other tissues of the body.

There are two of the major types of uterine cancer:

1. Adenocarcinoma is the first type of uterine cancer. This type of uterine cancer makes up more than 80% of uterine cancers present. It is reported that it develops from cells that are present in the endometrium.

This type of cancer is commonly known as endometrial cancer. One of the common endometrial adenocarcinoma known is termed as endometrioid carcinoma and its treatment varies depending on the grade of the tumor that is on which stage of uterine cancer the person is affected and also how far it goes deep into the uterus and along with the stage and extent of disease

2. Sarcoma is the second type of uterine cancer. This type of uterine cancer is reported to be developed in the supporting tissues present in the uterine glands and also in the myometrium which is the uterine muscle. Sarcoma is reported to be about 2% to 4% of uterine cancers present. In most of the situations, it is known that sarcomas are treated differently from adenocarcinomas. 

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Causes of Uterine Cancer :

Doctors at the current pace don't even know about the causes of endometrial cancer. What's exactly known to us is that about something which occurs to create changes which are termed as mutations and it takes place in the DNA of cells present in the endometrium which is seen in the lining of the uterus.

The mutation takes place in normal and healthy cells and transfers into the abnormal cells. Healthy cells of the uterine grow and multiply at a specific rate where it eventually dies. In the case of the abnormal cells, they grow and multiply out of control that is not at specific rate and they don't die can generate tumors.

Then there occurs the accumulation of the abnormal cells which is, in turn, forms the tumor in that specific site. Cancer cells can also invade the nearby tissues present and can even separate from an initial tumor to spread elsewhere in the body which is generally known as metastasizing.

Symptoms of Uterine Cancer:

  • Unusual vaginal bleeding along with the spotting and discharge. For premenopausal women, it includes menorrhagia which is described as abnormally heavy and prolonged bleeding and also abnormal uterine bleeding which in short is termed as AUB.
  • Abnormal results from a Pap test 
  • Pain in the pelvic area

So the above are some of the symptoms of uterine cancer which is present in the women, so if any women experience any type of the symptoms then it becomes necessary that they should consult the doctor regarding it.

Diagnosis of Uterine Cancer : 

1. The first thing is the examination of the pelvis where the doctor uses the speculum in order to view the pelvis and cervix.

2. The second thing is the usage of the sound waves which helps to create a picture of the uterus so that the doctor can know any type of abnormalities that have to happen in the uterine linings.

3. The third thing is the usage of the thin and flexible tube through the passage of the vagina and cervix so that we can observe the cervix.

4. The fourth thing is by performing the biopsy where the sample tissue is taken to study it under the microscope.

5. The fifth thing is performing biopsy where the tissue which is taken for the study can be taken through the surgery.

Treatment of Uterine Cancer :

1. The first thing is a surgery where the hysterectomy where the removal of the uterus occurs along with the fallopian tubes and also the ovaries.

2. The second thing is radiation therapy where there occurs the usage of high energy beams such as X-rays, etc. to kill the cancerous cells. Radiation therapy can be applied through the outside and inside of the body.

3. The third thing is chemotherapy where there occurs the usage of the chemicals takes place to kill the cancer cells. Here there can also occur the combination of more than one drug.

4. The fourth thing is hormone therapy where the medications are taken to make hormones level more or less.

5. The fifth thing is targeted drug therapy where certain drugs are taken which will attack some of the abnormalities of the cancerous cells to kill them. For the drugs and necessary medications, you may contact home delivery medical store near me.


So here were the causes, symptoms, and treatment of uterine cancer. The symptoms of uterine cancer are unusual vaginal bleeding, etc. so anyone pursues any symptoms then they may contact their doctor and start the diagnosis and at last, treatment can be done. So stay healthy and stay safe.